How To Choose the Best Battery for Your Vape

There have never been so many vaping options as there are right now, but that can make choosing the best vape battery for you difficult. There are so many styles, brands, and vape battery sizes available that it can confuse people new to vaping. Here’s what you need to consider to narrow down your selection and find the right one for you.

What’s In Your Vape?

To start with, decide what kind of juice you intend to use. Are you just looking for some flavor, need a hit of nicotine, or are you looking for an alternative to traditional cannabis smoking options? Not all pens are the best vape battery for every purpose. Some popular brands include:

  • Stiiizy - The Stiiizy offers cannabis users a no-button, no-worry, vaping solution. Stiiizy pods only work with Stiiizy vapes.
  • PAX Era - It’s still for cannabis, but the PAX Era is for those weed lovers who need to be in control of every part of the vaping experience. This thing is so connected that of course you need their proprietary pods.
  • The 510 - This Jill of All Trades is a common design that readily accepts a wide range of juices in pre-filled or refillable cartridges.

Evaluating Your Choices

That should narrow your choices down to no more than 2 or 3 styles of vape. Now you need to look at Vape specs in your search for the best vape battery:

  • Vape Battery Sizes - Your battery’s size corresponds directly to the amount of power it has to deliver. While this seems like a no-brainer--after all, the higher the number the longer it lasts, right?--you’ll want to factor in cost for that power. A more expensive “brand name” vape may have a slightly larger battery than a 510, but the cost for to 510 vapes could be better, give you more total power, and let you choose two different custom wraps for different scenes or outfits.
  • Fill Options - The name brand vapes want name brand pods. Are there knock-offs out there? Sure, but if they can’t be found, you’re stuck paying a premium. 510 cartridges come from a variety of manufacturers and some can even be refilled with the juice of your choice cheaper, making it the best vape battery for those on a budget.
  • Control - Some vapes, like Stiiizy pens, have no buttons, inhaling engages the heating coil at a set temperature. The PAX Era is App-enabled. Somewhere in between is our 3-temperature 510-threaded battery. This gives everyone the option to choose just how much control they want to put into their vaping.

With care and thought, you can find the perfect pen. If you need help finding the best vape battery for you with the hottest custom graphics, contact our experts in the customer service department. Order your hand-wrapped vapes from StayLit Design today.