510 Threaded Battery Cannabis Leaf Vape Pen Starter Kit
510 Threaded Battery Cannabis Leaf Vape Pen Starter Kit
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510 Threaded Battery Cannabis Leaf Vape Pen Starter Kit

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510 Threaded Battery Cannabis Leaf  Starter Kit


Introducing our Cannabis Leaf 510 Threaded Battery – the laid-back essential for your chill sessions that effortlessly blends style and relaxation into every puff! 🍃💨 This battery isn't just a device; it's the perfect companion for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Charging up is as mellow as your favorite playlist with the USB-C charger – quick, efficient, and as smooth as your go-to strain. Plug in, charge up, and let your battery set the vibe for a laid-back, stress-free vaping experience.

Now, let's talk about the chill magic – three variable voltage settings: 2.6V (white light), 3.2V (green light), and 3.8V (red light). It's like having your own personal cannabis lounge, allowing you to customize your vaping experience with the serene glow of white, the relaxed green, or the warm red. A mellow dream at your fingertips!

The cannabis leaf design isn't just on the outside; it's a nod to your laid-back lifestyle. Lightweight and portable, this battery is your chill companion for on-the-go moments of relaxation. It's not just a device; it's an accessory that adds a touch of calm to wherever your vaping journey takes you.

Adjusting the settings is as easy as finding your favorite spot to unwind. The LED lights guide you through the voltage spectrum, ensuring you're always in control of your laid-back vaping experience. It's the perfect blend of ease and functionality, just like your favorite strain on a lazy Sunday.

Elevate your vaping game with the Cannabis Leaf 510 Threaded Battery – where every puff is an invitation to kick back, relax, and enjoy the laid-back vibes. Because vaping should be as chill and carefree as you are!


  • USB-C Charger
  • 3 Variable Voltage Settings (2.6v White, 3.2v Green, 3.8v Red)

Located in Los Angeles, California

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