12 Tips to Stop Your Vape Tank From Leaking

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A leaking vape tank can leave you with a mess on your hands -- and in your purse, pocket, or desk drawer. If your vape keeps leaking, it’s costing you money, and may eventually cause your vape to fail. A simple leak, however, doesn’t mean you need a new device or that your tank is faulty. In many cases, a vape leaking from a vent or constantly spitting can be corrected with a little awareness and troubleshooting. Once you understand the issue that led to the problem, it can usually be corrected, and you can get back to tasty clouds with just a little work.

Anatomy Of A Vape

There are a lot of different styles of vapes, but they all rely on the same basic operational model. A reservoir filled with vaping solution moistens a wick. The wick is heated by a battery-powered coil to atomize the liquid, creating a vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user. Whether you’re talking about a box mod, a vape stick, or anything in between, it operates using this same pattern. This means that every vape is a mix of components meant to join electronics with housings that contain liquid. While designed to be durable and functional under optimal use, normal wear and tear or improper use can lead to a leaking vape tank.

Common Leaking Vape Tank Causes And How To Prevent Them

1. Incorrectly Filling Your Tank - Learn your vaping device and how to properly fill it. Due to space constraints, the tube that runs from the mouthpiece to the coil for vape inhalation is often near the fill hole for your tank. Make sure you’re filling your tank in such a way that juice cannot get inside this tube. While not a true leak, it will give you similar results as the coil just can’t burn off this liquid efficiently, leading to spitting, sputtering, and the potential that the excess juice just leaks right back out.

2. Overfilling Your Tank - More is not always better -- especially on older designs. Leaving a bit of space at the top of your tank can actually help improve the seal, preventing your vape tank from leaking.

3. Keep It Tight - If your vape keeps leaking, make sure all components are firmly seated in their appropriate positions. This means coils, cartridges, tanks, and other components are snapped, screwed, or pushed in until they are secure. Watch for any gaps that could lead to leaks. In addition, be careful about cross threading on screw connectors. This happens when the pieces don’t line up correctly and it can lead to a big space that creates a leaking vape tank.

4. Don’t Keep It Too Tight - Over-tightening your components, however, can lead to equipment damage and leaks. Soft components, like O-rings, stop leaks by being springy and filling gaps. Hard components, when overtightened, can crack or strip, leaving your components too loose to top the vape tank leaking.

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 5. Use The Right Coils For Your Juice - While pod and cartridge devices may have pre-installed coils, if you are using a more traditional vape, be sure you’re using equipment that matches your juice. In general, the higher the viscosity, the lower the resistance on the appropriate coil.

6. Switch Up Your Juice - Different juices have different thicknesses. If you just can’t stop the leak, consider changing to a juice that has a higher proportion of vegetable glycerine, which is thicker than the propylene glycol part of vape blends. This could be enough to help control a leaking vape tank.

7. Inspect Your Device’s Rubber And Replace It - If your vape is leaking from the vent, the problem could be a rubber stopper. Stoppers and O-rings should be checked, and if they’re missing or damaged, replaced.

8. Give It Some Juice - Sometimes a leak isn’t a leak. It’s actually a flooded coil because your power setting is too low to keep the juice burned off completely. Adjust your power setting, when possible, for better performance.

9. Be Careful Of Positioning - Keeping your vape in a position where the liquid is kept away from filling ports, vents, or tubes will increase the chance of a leak. Keeping your device stored upright is the best way to minimize the risk of your vape leaking from the vent or other areas.

10. Control Your Clouds - The way you inhale can have an impact on the flow of juice into the wicking and coil. Slow, steady draws are less likely to cause leaking or spitting than rapid gasps into the mouthpiece. Relax and enjoy the experience.

11. Use More Wick - If you skimp on the wicking, there’s more space in the coil unit for the liquid to flow. Keep your wicking substantial enough to pack firmly, and you’ll have plenty of juice to atomize with less leakage.

12. Know When To Replace Your Tank - Sometimes your vape tank just keeps leaking, and it will only get worse. Before it damages other components, get it replaced. Swapping out a tank is still cheaper than buying a whole new device.

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