510 Threaded Battery 7 Chakras Starter Kit
510 Threaded Battery 7 Chakras Starter Kit
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510 Threaded Battery 7 Chakras Starter Kit

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510 Threaded Battery 7 Chakras Starter Kit


Introducing our 7 Chakras 510 Threaded Battery – the vibrantly spiritual accessory that harmonizes style and serenity for your ultimate girly vape experience! This battery isn't just a device; it's a journey through the energy centers, bringing balance and beauty to every puff.

Charging up is a zen-like experience with the USB-C charger – quick, efficient, and as calming as a guided meditation. Plug in, charge up, and watch your battery radiate with the colors of the chakras, ready to elevate your vaping journey with a touch of divine energy.

Now, let's talk about the mystical magic – three variable voltage settings: 2.6V (white light), 3.2V (green light), and 3.8V (red light). It's like having your own personal aura, allowing you to customize your vaping experience with the serene glow of white, the healing green, or the passionate red. A chakra-infused dream at your fingertips!

The 7 Chakras design isn't just on the outside; it's a reflection of your inner harmony. Lightweight and portable, this battery is your spiritual companion for on-the-go moments of mindfulness. It's not just a device; it's an accessory that adds a touch of soulful elegance to wherever your girly vaping journey takes you.

Adjusting the settings is as easy as aligning your energy centers. The LED lights guide you through the voltage spectrum, ensuring you're always in control of your chakra-infused vaping experience. It's the perfect blend of spirituality and sophistication, just like a journey through the rainbow of your soul.

Elevate your vaping game with the 7 Chakras 510 Threaded Battery – where every puff is a dance through the energy centers, bringing peace, balance, and girly charm to your vaping oasis. Because vaping should be as harmonious and vibrant as your beautiful spirit! 


  • Length 3.5in
  • 3 Variable Voltage Settings (2.6v White, 3.2v Green, 3.8v Red)
  • USB-C Charger
  • 3 Month Warranty


Located in Los Angeles, California

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