510 Threaded Matte Baby Blue Vape Pen
510 Threaded Matte Baby Blue Vape Pen
510 Threaded Matte Baby Blue Vape Pen
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510 Threaded Matte Baby Blue Vape Pen

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Enjoy the Calming Color of Our Blue 510 Vape

Sit back and relax with this smooth baby blue 510 vape pen. From the couch to the beach, this 350mAh pen will give you the perfect hit to help you unwind and relax. With variable voltage settings, you can heat the oil or concentrate of your choosing to the perfect temperature to get the effect you want. This calming blue pen is hand-wrapped and made-to-order, and the 350mAh lithium battery will be enough to last you all day. No matter where your adventures take you, you’ll never have to stop to charge your pen!

This kit includes a rechargeable battery and USB charger. 510 threaded cartridges are sold separately.

Main Features:

  • Simple button pen
    • Press 5 times to turn on/off
    • Press 3 times to change the voltage
    • Press twice to preheat
    • Press once to stop preheat
  • Battery level indicator shows full, medium, or low battery
  • Compatible with oil and concentrate


  • 350mAh lithium battery
  • Working Volt 2.6v~4.2v
  • 3 volt options: 2.6v (green), 3.3v (blue), 4.2v (red)
  • Length: 3.5in
  • Diameter: 0.5in

Affordable, Discreet Pens for Every Style

StayLit Design has tons of unique pens, from this calming blue 510 vape to loud and crazy patterns, colors, and even crystals. Our slim, powerful vape pens always offer you a discreet way to stay lit. Check out our wide selection of vape pens, including the popular 510 Threaded Pens

Our hand-wrapped vape pens are made with durable vinyl wraps that won’t peel or scratch easily. Slip one of our unique pens into your pocket or bag for all your travels. Every time you pull out your pen, you’ll be proud to show it off and pass it around to friends.

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