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Anime Ninja 12” Glass Water Pipe/Bong

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Like the anime ninja Naruto Uzumaki, you’re on a quest to become harder, better, faster, and stronger. You’re ready to lead like a boss ninja, just like Naruto! Now, experience Naruto’s steadfast quest for glory in StayLit Design’s tribute to this hero, the Naruto bong! Of the highest quality, this bong is 12” of anime ninja cool!


  • Hand blown in Los Angeles, California
  • Made from superior-quality borosilicate glass
  • 14mm female joint
  • Includes orange bowl and removable downstem
  • StayLit Design logo displayed in orange


  • 12” tall
  • 4.5” diameter base
  • 6” wide

Superior-Quality Anime Bongs

Fire up your favorite flower in this impressive Naruto bong to approach your sesh as a quest. Let the cloud guide you toward boss ninja status. All the questing aside, StayLit Design’s artistic bongs bring you the best of cannabis technology.

Crafted from only premium borosilicate glass, our glass bongs bring you the quality you can count on, with artisan craftsmanship that pays close attention to detail and function. StayLit Design creates all our products with design-forward dedication, so you get the smoking experience you deserve.


What’s so special about borosilicate glass?

Commonly used in medical settings and yes, bongs, borosilicate glass is significantly stronger than other types of glass, more durable, and more resistant to rapid temperature changes so it won’t break or crack as you light up. Simply put, this baby is made to last.

How do I clean my anime bong?

First, dump that dirty bong water! Rinse your bong with water, then add a bong cleaner or an isopropyl alcohol/coarse salt solution. Shake and swirl it for around 5 to 10 minutes, rinse with water again, and let dry! You can wipe the outside of the bong with a soft, damp cloth if it needs cleaning – we want to keep that design looking fresh!

What accessories do I need to add to my bong?

Your anime bong comes with a bowl and removable downstem, but if you want more accessories, that’s totally up to you! We think that a custom herb grinder makes for the perfect companion to this bong!

Can I find this bong anywhere else?

Nope! StayLit Design is all about offering you an unbeatable collection of one-of-a-kind smoking tools and accessories so you can show off your personality in style, whether that’s with a cool Naruto bong or one of our custom-made vape pens.

How tall should a bong be?

There’s no right or wrong size a bong should be. The average size of a bong is going to be around 10 to 14 inches (like the anime bong), which is going to give satisfying hits for most smokers. When you want a little more, large bongs do just the trick!

StayLit Design Brings You Anime Bongs & More

Our artistic products only start with bongs. StayLit Design’s incredible inventory of smoking companions runs the gamut, bringing you an online resource for custom glass pipes, accessories, revolutionary vape skins, and more. We design and produce vape pen skins, then wrap our pens by hand. Our wraps won’t bubble or transfer color onto your hands. With vape partners like Stiiizy and 510 Thread, you’re getting the best of everything. And your charger is included, so just pop in the cartridge and blaze!

Your order of $75 or more comes with a free gift from StayLit Design. Got an idea for something completely unique? Share it with us to make it happen!

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