Cute Candy Glycerin Glass Hand Pipe
Cute Candy Glycerin Glass Hand Pipe

Cute Candy Glycerin Glass Hand Pipe

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Cute Candy Glycerin Glass Hand Pipe
Step into a world of sweetness and charm with our delightful Candy Glycerin Hand Pipe! Crafted with girly flair and whimsical charm, this adorable accessory is your ticket to flavorful smoke sessions filled with fun and joy. With its candy-inspired design, every puff becomes a delightful treat for your senses. Made with glycerin for a cooling effect, it ensures each hit is as refreshing as it is enjoyable. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or sharing giggles with friends, this hand pipe is sure to add a touch of adorable flair to your smoking routine. Embrace the sweetness of life and elevate your smoke game with our Candy Glycerin Hand Pipe - because every toke deserves a sprinkle of girly glamour!
-Made in Los Angeles California
-About 4.5 inches in Length
-Perfect For On The Go
-Made Of Heavy Borosilicate Glass
-Glycerin Filled So It’s Freezable For Smoother Hits
Located in Los Angeles, California

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