PlugPlay Pink Glitter Battery Starter Kit
PlugPlay Pink Glitter Battery Starter Kit
PlugPlay Pink Glitter Battery Starter Kit

PlugPlay Pink Glitter Battery Starter Kit

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StayLit Design is excited to offer you a PlugPlay kit with a unique pink glitter design that will elevate your vaping sessions to the next level. PlugPlay batteries deserve all the hype they’ve been getting. When you invest in one of these bad boys, you’re investing in an easy-to-use vape that will last you for the long run!

The only problem with the PlugPlay kit? It comes in boring colors with zero personality. Lucky for you, StayLit Design has got you covered with a pink glitter vinyl wrap that’s sure to turn heads and showcase your personal style whenever you use it.

Main Features

  • PlugPlay kit arrives with brand-new Plug battery and charger included
  • Plug cartridges are not included in the kit
  • 500 mAh battery (over 350+ puffs on a full charge)
  • Pink glitter vinyl wrap is hand-applied to prevent bubbling

Show Off Your Style

The PlugPlay vape pen is perfect for on-the-go medication with a sleek and discreet design that can easily fit in your pocket or purse. But if you’re looking for something a bit flashier, our PlugPlay Pink Glitter Battery Starter Kit is the perfect fit. With a smooth pink glitter vinyl wrap hand-applied to each Play battery, you won’t see any creases or bubbling, so you can show off your style with confidence during your next vape session.

Get the Best with StayLit Design

Don’t settle for boring when it comes to your vape pen. Explore the exciting world of customizable vapes offered at StayLit Design and get your custom-wrapped PlugPlay today.

All StayLit Design products are customized in-house. We will accept returns and offer replacement pens in the rare event of a faulty battery. StayLit Design offers free shipping on all domestic orders. We love to customize, so contact us here with any special requests for your vape.

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