Blue Floral Stiiizy Battery
Stiiizy Pen Blue Roses Floral Battery Starter Kit
Stiiizy Pen Blue Roses Floral Battery Starter Kit

Stiiizy Pen Blue Roses Floral Battery Starter Kit

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Tired of boring, traditional vapes? Get the big hits and potent clouds you love without sacrificing style when you try our Stiiizy flower vape pen.


  • Each starter kit includes a blue floral Stiiizy battery and charger. Our vinyl designs are applied by hand to avoid bubbling and increase durability.
  • An efficient 210mAh rechargeable battery guarantees a fast, long-lasting charge.
  • Features a discreet design that will fit perfectly in your pocket or purse.

Flaunt Your Personal Style

Our Stiiizy flower vape pen is designed to give your vaping experience some personality. We start with a brand-new vape pen starter kit straight from the manufacturer and apply our durable, fade-resistant vinyl stickers by hand to ensure you never have to worry about bubbling or damage to your product. Flaunt your custom vape anywhere, whether you’re hanging in your living room or partying with friends.

Expect the Best from StayLit Design

When you buy a vape pen from StayLit Design, you’re getting the best value for your money. Worried about shipping fees? We offer free shipping for all orders within the continental US. In the rare case that your Stiiizy flower vape pen or battery is faulty, our reliable customer service team has got you covered.

Vaping has never been easier or more fun than with our custom, durable, and affordable designs. Buy the Stiiizy Pen Blue Roses Floral Battery Starter Kit today or check out our wide range of custom-wrapped vape batteries from your favorite brands.

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