5 Weird Vape Flavors You Won’t Believe

Think you’ve tried all of the available vape flavors? Think again! These weird vape flavors take vaping to a whole new level and are so strange you probably won’t even believe what you’re tasting.

Garlic cloves.


If you don’t mind offending literally everyone while you’re vaping, the garlic flavor is right for you. Ever eaten a flavorful meal filled with garlic and then relished in the taste that seems to stay in your mouth forever? That’s what this vape is similar to. Surprisingly, the garlic flavor is relatively mild, but it gives you that umami taste you’re looking for when you’re just straight up sick of vaping desserts. This is one of the weird vape flavors that sounds horrible but isn’t actually that bad.

Hot Dog

The idea of a hot dog flavored vape juice may bring to mind hot dog water and other nastiness that just doesn’t seem that pleasant, but there’s something to be said about hot dog flavored vape juice. Hot dog flavor is different than what you might be thinking. It’s not a nasty hot dog water flavor. Instead, it’s the juicy, smoky, and perfectly charred flavor of a hot dog that just came off the grill during a hot summer barbecue. It takes you to a place where you’re hanging out with your friends in a backyard and there’s plenty of fun for everyone.

Fried chicken.

Fried Chicken

This ain’t like mama made it! If you’re looking for weird vape flavors, but afraid to really branch out, the fried chicken is a relatively mild kind of weird. It tastes exactly like its name and is so easy to get used to. The delicious fried chicken flavor is filled with spices, the right amount of breading, and a little hint of grease. When you vape fried chicken, it’s easy to feel like you’re having a meal. Beware, though, all your friends are going to get hungry when you vape this flavor!


You can’t talk about weird vape flavors without mentioning the bacon-flavored juice. This popular option is milder than most, but still gives you something special to vape. It gives you the salty smokiness that you love eating for breakfast or slapping on a sandwich. Just like the fried chicken, though, be careful who you vape around because you’re bound to make someone hungry.

Crab on ice.


If you love getting down with some crab legs or shrimp cocktail, this might just be the perfect flavor for you. Vape juices come in various seafood combinations and are made to taste like your favorite seafood dish. There are so many options to choose from you’ll be able to try them all and get a real taste of the salty ocean. From cracked crab to buttered lobster and all the other crustaceans you can think of, try out one of these flavors! They’re an especially appropriate option when you’re vacationing at the beach.

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