Bring On the Summer Vibes: Stylish Tools for Vaping in the Heat

three people jumping in the air at the beach

As temperatures rise, people begin flocking outdoors to the beach, to the park, on hikes, and to summer barbeques. For smokers, it also means bringing your favorite flower, concentrate, or oil along with you. Vaping in the heat, though – not ideal. But don’t give up on your summer smoke sesh quite yet! With the right tools and smoking accessories, hot weather and vaping can go together like StayLit Design and exclusive, one-of-a-kind styles. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your vaping this summer.

Keep It Cool

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your vape on the go. But while you may be having fun vaping in the heat, your favorite cartridge may not be. The concentrate and oil in vapes can overheat when left sitting out in the sun or in a hot car, so remember to pack a charger or even some extra cartridges the next time you hit the road. Luckily, our vape pens come with both a battery and a charger, so that’s two fewer things to add to your summer shopping list!

Another option? Try a silicone water pipe! They’re heat-resistant, flexible, and super portable, which are all must-haves for busy summer days.

Choose the Right Summer Vibe

Now’s time to get to the good stuff: stylish smoke tools for vaping in the heat. There are a wide variety of custom vape wraps, glass bongs for sale, and more that scream summer vibes! Choose yours. Are you one for taking on the social media-famous hiking trails so you can enjoy your summer vaping in the shade? You’ll fall in love with dried floral water pipes or butterfly pipes and honey bee bongs, two collections that capture the season’s whimsy perfectly.

But nothing reminds us of summer more than our Under the Sea drop. Believe us when we say: it’s a true ocean lover’s paradise. You’ll find all of your favorite underwater friends like mermaids, sea turtles, and even – gasp – sharks! Even when vaping in the heat is not on the day’s agenda, these vibrant, colorful patterns will remind you of beach trips and days spent gardening in the sun. Plus, you’ll be turning heads with a custom smoke tool that shows off your unique style!

Don’t Forget the Accessories

person vaping outside in the heat

Your accessories deserve some customization, too. What better way to enjoy the hot weather and vaping than with a collection of fun, vibrant smoking gear? Leave the boring accessories at home and carry around a custom herb grinder or 14mm glass bowl that gives you total summer vibes with their bright colors and fun styles. Featuring designs like butterflies and daisies, these pieces are guaranteed to spark up a conversation and help you stand out from the crowd.

Vape With Sweet Summer Vibes

Summertime means getting outside and going on adventures – with your fav smoke tools, of course! Sit back, unwind and enjoy the warm weather and sweet vaping with StayLit Design. Explore our collection of custom vape wraps, bongs, and smoking accessories today and get a free gift with your order over $75!

Take Your Smoke Sesh to the Next Level

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