Deck the Halls with Festive Christmas Bongs, Vapes, & Rigs

Blurred Christmas lights in a tree shape

As an adult stoner, you should amass a collection of glassware and vapes for each season of the year. Like the decorations around your house, you should have specific hand pipes for fall, the winter holidays, spring, and summer. Well, you don’t need to per se, but it certainly is a fun idea. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Christmas bongs, vapes, and holiday pipes for you to stock up on this year.

1. Christmas Lights 12 Inch Glass Water Pipe/ Beaker Bong

This Christmas bong is considered functional art because, well, look at it. It’s covered in sweet holiday charms, like reindeer, festive hanging lights, a tree, and cozy gloves. But that’s not the end of it. Go into a dark room and you’ll be in awe at the bulbs strung around this piece of glassware that actually light up. Nothing screams holiday spirit like covering everything in cheery rainbow lights, so why shouldn’t your glassware receive the same treatment?

2. Christmas Mistlestoned Water Hand Pipe/Dab Rig

Some people dream of getting caught under the mistletoe at a holiday party, while others dread the situation entirely. Whichever category you fall into, you and your buddies can enjoy all the festivities of mistletoe while getting lit. This holiday pipe is covered in cannabis-themed mistletoe charms, as well as the word “mistlestoned.” It’s a clever take on the Christmas tradition that you know and love.

3. 510 Threaded Battery Christmas Lights Starter Kit

If you’re looking for a discreet and portable option that doesn’t sacrifice any holiday spirit, this vape pen is perfect for you. This battery will last you all day long once fully charged, so you never need to worry about running out of juice. It is also compatible with oils, concentrates, and cartridges, which means you have many options when it comes to refills. On top of all that, it’s wrapped in a fun Christmas tree design with festive lights. You’ll be subtly spreading holiday cheer wherever you go with your Christmas vape.

4. 510 Threaded Candy Cane Christmas Vape Pen

Similar to the vape pen above in functionality, this Christmas vape is covered in a green background with adorable candy canes all over. Candy canes are one of the more delicious parts of the holiday season, so why not carry around a pen that reminds you of their yumminess? Our only warning: this vape pen may cause candy cravings!

5. Stiiizy Pen Candy Cane Stripes Battery Starter Kit

This Stiiizy rechargeable Christmas vape pen has dual airflow for more efficient vaping. Not only is it perfect for carrying around in your pocket or purse all day—its battery will last the whole day, too. The icing on the cake is the adorable red and green striped design that evokes warm holiday feelings. If you were looking for a portable alternative to a Christmas bong or dab rig, this is the perfect pen for you.

6. Biiig Stiiizy Xmas Gift Tag Vape Pen Starter Kit

There is no better holiday gift you can give to your stoner friends this year than a vape pen wrapped up like a cute Christmas present. This is a bigger vape than others because it comes with a 550 mAh battery and charger, meaning you will be vaping fat clouds all day long. This Christmas vape would be perfect as a gift for yourself or your buddies, and will look festive all year round—not just during the holidays.

7. Stiiizy Pen Ugly Xmas Sweater Battery Starter Kit

Carry the tradition of the ugly christmas sweater around with you all day with a Christmas vape pen covered in an iconic design. This vape mimics a hand-knitted sweater with cute reindeers, trees, and candy canes all over. It’s perfect for the holidays or any time you’re in need of a little Christmas spirit. Give this vape pen a try to enjoy the spirit anytime and anywhere. You’ll quickly realize that this design is not as “ugly” as you were led to believe!

Dab rig with Christmas-themed charms and decals

8. Santa’s Sled Snowflake Christmas 8 Inch Bent Neck Glass Water Hand Pipe/ Dab Rig

With similar functionality as the holiday pipes mentioned earlier, this Christmas bong/dab rig may operate in the same way, but it is far from similar in the looks department. On the base, there are glittery presents and tree sculptures, and it’s covered with decals of snowflakes and Santa's sled soaring through the sky. This is truly a piece of artwork, so you need to handle it with care when cleaning. But other than that, this is a perfectly festive piece of glassware to pass around at Christmastime.

9. Gingerbread Christmas 6 Inch Bent Neck Glass Water Hand Pipe/Dab Rig

Try not to crave gingerbread cookies and holiday cupcakes after taking big hits from this unique Christmas bong/dab rig. It’s a cheery option for anyone who likes soft pastel colors and sweet treats. The outside is covered in lightly colored pearls, as well as Christmas-themed cupcakes. Big gingerbread cookies circle the midsection, making it undeniably festive. At only 6 inches tall, this piece is compact enough to carry around with you to different holiday parties, so you can share the fun with everyone!

Enjoy the Holi-daze!

Your buddies will be thoroughly impressed when they see the cute holiday-themed cannabis tools and accessories you’ve collected. Ditch the cheap glassware you picked up from that random store in town and invest in premium-quality, custom pieces from StayLit Design instead.

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