Prepare for the Spooky Season with Halloween Bongs, Vapes, & Rigs

Are you ready to get into the Halloween Spirit?

As the days grow shorter, there’s no reason to spend your time missing the warm, carefree summer days. Instead, it’s time to get excited for the spooky season! Break out your pumpkin carving kit, your ouija board, and your haunted Halloween decorations. And last but not least, it’s time to get stocked up on Halloween bongs, vape pens, and dab rigs to really get yourself into the spirit.

As the nights grow dark, you’ll be making plans to have some relaxing smoke sessions while enjoying a scary movie marathon. Or maybe you’ve got big ideas about gathering with friends to smoke and make mischief. Whatever you’re up to, StayLit Design has tons of unique Halloween vape pens, bongs, dab rigs, and smoking accessories to help get you into the spooky spirit.

Show Off Your Spooky Spirit Everywhere You Go With a Halloween Vape

Do you love carving pumpkins? In awe of all the cool jack-o-lantern designs you see around Halloween every year? Then check out our Halloween Pumpkins design! This 510 thread battery is the perfect accessory for every Halloween party you’ll be attending this year.

Wherever and whatever you’re doing, having a uniquely decorated pen will help start conversations at any social gathering. Get ready to celebrate your favorite time of year by grabbing this custom jack-o-lantern pen before it sells out!

If you want to expand your collection of spooky season pens, we also have some great custom bat prints in different colors. Whether you want a more attention-grabbing pink vape pen or prefer a darker vibe of black and yellow, we’ve designed vinyl-wrapped 510 threaded batteries you’re sure to love.

Display your obsession with the season whenever you take a hit from one of these Halloween vape pens, whether relaxing with friends, at home alone, or on an exciting Halloween adventure!


Show Your Love of Horror Movies This Season

If you’re a big fan of horror movies, then you’ve got to have this Stiiizy pen covered in Halloween horror characters. All of your favorite scary movie characters are on there, making this the perfect vape for curling up on the couch to watch your favorite spooky movies!

On the way to your next haunted house adventure? Take a few puffs from your Halloween vape in the car while you psych yourself up for all the scares you’re about to encounter. This pen will become a necessary addition to all of the haunted trips you take.

We also know that any horror movie fanatic will adore our super-detailed Wormhole Grim Reaper Halloween bong. Not only does it have the terrifying face of the dreaded grim reaper, but each tombstone pictured in the graveyard scene covering this bong has the names of some of your favorite horror film characters.

Nothing screams horror film fan more than this piece. What better way to connect with other horror fans than taking a few hits from this Halloween bong together before your annual horror movie marathon?

Get Ready to Scream

For anyone looking for a great new dab rig, we have two amazing custom hand blown Halloween horror pipes for you. If slasher flicks are some of your all-time favorite movies, then these are definitely something you need. First up, we have a great Halloween horror dab rig, with a killer charm front and center.

We also have a similar Ghost Mask dab rig tied off with a nice red shimmery bow. Either will be great to use while watching the film with friends or to share a dab at your Halloween party. Covered in movie-themed cutouts and charms, both these dab rigs are sure to show your love for famous horror films.

If you prefer a Halloween bong over a dab rig, we’ve got you covered there as well. Get your hands on our Ghost Mask glow in the dark bong. In the light, the hand blown glass bong is printed with Ghost masks all over. To make it even cooler, turn out the lights to see this water pipe glow green. This custom-designed, glow in the dark beaker bong is one of our favorite pieces for the Halloween season here at StayLit Design.

Clown Horror Movie Dab Rig

Make Every Smoke Sesh Extra Fun

Keep the horror marathon going with an extra-scary dab rig featuring a clown charm that can watch you every time you take a hit. Comforting, right? Enjoy a smoke sesh with this creepy Halloween dab rig before you sit back to watch your all favorite Halloween movies.

If you’re looking for something spooky but a little less scary than horror-themed Halloween bongs and dab rigs, then our Mr. Skellington 510 Halloween vape pen might be perfect for you. With a lovable round skeleton face plastered all over the pen, Halloween just got a little less scary and a lot more fun!

Embrace Spooky Season With All Things Creepy

Make sure you never forget to grab your Halloween bong, dab rig, or vape pen before visiting a haunted house or doing some haunting of your own. Hype yourself up for contacting spirits, exploring haunted places, and watching horror films with a hit from your Halloween vape or pipe. And don’t forget to check out our custom smoking accessories to get all of your Halloween smoking essentials.

Spooky season is upon us, and there’s no time to waste! Stock up on all of these StayLit Design smoking essentials before it’s too late. And explore our selection of vape pens and pipes for even more Halloween-themed fun.

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