How Does A Vape Pen Work? Everything You Need to Know

Vaping is a fun way to relax, but if you’re wondering about how a vape pen works, it’s more complicated than just inhaling vapor through a stick.

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The Holding Tank

Putting your oil in the holding tank is the only way to be able to vape. The holding tank not only holds all your oil, but it’s also the place where the oil is drawn from when you inhale and the vape starts to heat up. While holding tanks vary in size, they are all in the same size range and are relatively easy to fill up. You will need to know which part of your vape is the holding tank so you know you’re putting your oil in the right place.

The Atomizer (Heater)

To inhale the vapor that comes from the oil (to vape), you will need to transform the oil into vapor. When you’re trying to figure out how a vape pen works, you will need to know more about how the oil turns to vapor. It’s done through heating, just like many other chemical substance changes. The heater, though, is small enough that it can fit in a compact pen and will heat the oil up to the perfect temperature so it doesn’t get burnt but still vaporizes. In vape pens, this tiny heater is called an atomizer.

The Technology

Vape pens feature a variety of technology features that make them better than traditional methods of smoking. Vape pens may be safer to use, may be able to optimize the amount of vapor you’re able to inhale, and may be easier to inhale depending on the way you want to vape. Technology may also make the vape last longer. All the different technological options can change the way you vape for the better and may also be able to make vaping easier.

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The Battery

As one of the most important parts of a vape pen, the battery powers the entire thing. While you’re learning about how a vape pen works, it’s important to know that all of it is powered by the battery. A rechargeable battery heats up the atomizer and allows it to heat up the liquid in return. It’s also responsible for powering any technology behind the vape pen. Vapes are like cell phones and most other devices in that they can be recharged and the battery doesn’t have to be constantly replaced. The more a vape pen is used, though, the more likely the battery will need to be replaced.

The Process

When you inhale with the vape pen, it activates the battery to start heating up the element and your juice. The process is lightning fast, but it all starts with a drag on the pen. The more often you use your pen, the more likely it will be to fire right up. As you learn more about your vape and your own personal vaping habits, you’ll learn the best methods for inhaling and how to do it the right way every time.

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