How To Use a Vape Pen: A Beginners Guide

Knowing how to use a vape pen can create a better vaping experience from the very first puff. While it looks simple when experienced vapers do it, learning how to vape correctly is something they all had to do at some point, because as much as it’s about following a routine, it’s also about making that routine your own so it’s right for you. Here are the basics for getting more from your vape:

  • Charge It Up - Before you learn how to use a vape pen, learn how to use its charger. Many vapes ship with a partial charge, but to get the full measure of your vape, charge it completely before you take a puff. Charge it often. Modern batteries are not helped by running them out of power before charging, so charge your battery to full them take it off the charger daily.
  • Study - Ugh. No one wants to read the manual that came with it, but if you’re new to a vape, do it anyway if you want to know how to vape correctly with that model. After all, you have until the battery is charged before you can start using it anyway, so put your waiting to good use.
  • Get It Loaded - You did the reading, so you know how to do this, right? Put a pod into the slot or screw a cartridge onto the threads. You’re almost ready to vape up.
  • (Optional) Adjust Your Settings - This may not apply to you since not all vapes have different temperatures, feeds, or even controls. That makes learning how to use a vape pen easy, but offers a less customized experience. If you opted for a PAX Era with its app-enabled features, now is the time to get it set up for that first hit. With out 510-threaded battery, once it’s on, three presses cycle through the temperatures. Red is the hottest and gives you more clouds, green is the coolest and gives you a mellower flavor, and blue sits right in the middle.
  • Power It On - If you haven’t already, activate your vape pen. We’re almost there.
  • (Optional) Preheat Your Vape - If you want to know how to use a vape pen to get a great puff first time, every time, a pre-heating cycle is the way to vape. On ou 510-threaded vapes, just click the button twice, and you’ll see an automatic cycling of colors on the LED. Your heating coil is pre-heating the juice/concentrate/oil in your cartridge so it’s “primed” to deliver a full flavor cloud right off the bat.
  • Draw - If you opted for a ERA, or Stiiizy, this is as simple as inhaling, as the gentle pressure activates the heating coil. For the 510, press and hold the activation button as you inhale. Draw the vapor into your lungs, hold it briefly, and release. Your comfort level will dictate the length of the hold, with longer durations offering more powerful results.

With practice, you can learn how to use a vape pen and be a natural at vaping. If you have any questions, contact our customer service department for more information about our products and how to get more from them. Order your vaping supplies and accessories from StayLit Design today.