Stay Lit! How to Extend Your Vaporizer’s Battery Life

A man in mirrored aviator sunglasses vaping

Have you ever thought about whether you’re charging your vape batteries correctly? More and more people are turning to vaping, but many are killing their vape battery lifespan with bad habits they don’t know to avoid. Vapes use modern batteries that are both superior and vastly different than the rechargeable batteries on the market just a few years ago. Understanding how to properly care for and maintain them is important if you want to ensure your vape will be ready to go when you need it.

How To Maintain Your Vape Battery

Many vape kits come with an instruction manual that gives the finer points of charging vape batteries for that particular model of charger. Detailed manufacturers instructions should always be followed, but if they’re less than clear, missing, or in a language you don’t read, here are some general tips to help keep your battery performing at its best.

  • Turn Your Vape Off When Not In Use - If your battery is on, it’s using a trickle of power even if you aren’t actively vaping. This leaves you with less power when you really need it. In addition, turning it off is a great safety tip. If your vape’s button is constantly or repeatedly being pressed in your pocket or purse by other objects, it can overheat, leading to potentially catastrophic results and injuries.
  • Don’t Overcharge Your Battery - Charging vape batteries may not be exciting, but don’t leave them unattended. A smart charger may stop the charging process when your battery is full, but if it fails or you aren’t using a smart charger, you can overwork your battery, harming the vape battery lifespan. In extreme situations, it could end up overheating from the excessive charge, catching fire, or exploding.
  • Use Your Battery And Charge It Regularly - Modern vape batteries are designed for everyday use, so go ahead and get your puffs in from your favorite vape daily. They’re also designed to be charged often, so don’t wait until you run out of juice. Empty batteries take longer to charge, taxing the battery’s power storage medium. The myth that it’s better to let your battery drain completely is based on older, outdated rechargeable technology.

A holographic unicorn vape pen and charger

  • Store It With A Full Charge - If you have a variety of batteries to match a variety of outfits, that’s awesome. You may not need that cheetah print vape every day and—let’s face it—the holographic unicorn vape is only for special occasions. Start by charging the vape batteries fully, then store them in a safe, cool, dry place until you’re ready to use them again.
  • Keep It Clean - Dirt, juice, and oils can all take their toll on a vape battery. Turn your vape off and wipe the exterior with a clean, dry cloth. A little moisture or electronics cleaning spray are fine for the exterior wipe down. Be careful around the button, threads, and contact points because excessive moisture can ruin your vape.

With a little attention to detail and some good habits when charging vape batteries, you can extend your vape battery lifespan and keep it puffing for years to come.