Staying Lit on the Go: Our Favorite Travel-Sized Pipes

When it comes to smoking, we think that hand pipes are probably the best invention since Betty White – and that includes sliced bread! While hand pipes have been around for at least a few decades (read: centuries), there hasn’t been a lot of variety until more recent years. As we get to explore more unique shapes and sizes of pipes, our attention inevitably turns to travel pipes.

Because hand pipes are known for their reliability, low cost, and above all, their portability, it’s no surprise that there are companies making smaller, lighter, and more convenient to carry pipes than ever before! There are even companies exploring this type of versatility in designs that are more personalized and fun than just the basics. Interested in a pipe that’s the shape of a pickle? It definitely exists. Shopping for a cute pink elephant pipe? We’ve actually got one in our collection right now! No matter what you love or where you need to go, StayLit Design can help you stay lit around the globe with travel pipes that get the job done.

If you’ve been feeling like your pipe is just too inconvenient to carry, we’ve got all the answers. Explore our selection of the best portable pipes, so you’re never leaving the house without all the essentials.

1. Take a Chill Pill

Literally. The Chill Pill Glass Hand Pipe is one of our smallest travel pipes that could meet your needs. This hand-blown piece measures just two inches on four inches to provide maximum chill with minimum space. When you pack this piece up to go, you’ll realize that it easily fits in the smallest pocket – even those mini-pockets on women’s jeans from the 90s.

We’ve completely streamlined this pipe, so it doesn’t have any extra pieces of flare or accessories that you need to bring along. It’s also compatible with flower only, so we don’t recommend you try to dab out of it. The Chill Pill is currently available in black or pink to help you personalize your design.

2. Don’t Kale the Vibe

ivy glass travel pipe

OK, so this travel pipe isn’t exactly decorated with kale, but the ivy design and the herb you’re putting inside are just as leafy green! We love the Floral Ivy Hand Pipe, because it’s compact, pretty, and damn powerful. It also measures two inches by four inches and comes in an ivory white hue or a sky blue color. The winding ivy vines make for an interesting grip that’s fun to hold and pass around to your friends, too!

Grab one of our tiny grinders and use this pipe for your favorite flower while you’re hiking in the woods, chillin in the back seat, or resting by the campfire.

3. Get That Buzz

Do you love bees and bee-related puns? Then, the Daisies and Honey Bee Hand Pipe will soon become your new favorite travel pipe. While this pipe is pretty small, just two inches on four inches, we used all the space to cram in as many daisies as possible. We’ve also added just one little bee who’s there to check out that flower.

Just because a hand pipe needs to be portable doesn’t mean it needs to bee boring! Add a little buzz to your life in more ways than one when you choose this pipe as your go-to travel piece. It’s one of the best portable pipes in our collection!

4. A Pipe That’s No Mammoth

pink elephant travel pipe

Remember that cute pink elephant pipe we mentioned before? Well, it’s on our list of the best portable pipes in our collection! We love this little cutie so much that even though it isn’t the ideal shape for travel, we believe that you can make it work. Just four inches tall, we’ve designed this pipe to be strong and durable with a thick trunk that won’t snap or crack while you’re on the go. While it won’t fit in your pocket, unless you’re wearing JNCOs, you can bring it along in a small purse or bag.

We’ve packed a lot of personality into this pink elephant, and we think it’s a great choice of travel pipe for anyone who’s looking for expressive accessories.

Materials Made for Travel

In addition to the small size and convenient shape of these travel pipes, we’ve also chosen better materials to ensure the durability of your piece. Some of the best portable pipes are made from borosilicate glass, because it’s not as fragile or breakable as other types of glass. While it’s not unbreakable, there’s a very low chance of cracks or breakage if you carry borosilicate glass pipes in your purse or pocket. It’s also a very easy material to clean, which means you can keep your pipe sparkling no matter where you are.

Even better than borosilicate glass for travel pipes is silicone! We’re also excited to announce that we’ll have silicone products coming very soon, so you can shop pipes that will fold up to fit anywhere! Shove them in your pocket or put them in your backpack without having to worry about bending or breaking. Our silicone pipes will also be environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe!

Pipe Alternatives

Travel pipes aren’t your only option if you’re interested in maintaining a buzz on the go. You can also opt for something completely different: a vape pen. Compatible with oil and concentrates instead of flower, your vape pen is also a convenient solution to enjoying marijuana wherever you happen to be! Explore our customizable designs for 510 Thread, PlugPlay Vape Pens, Stiiizy Batteries, and so much more.

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StayLit Design is here to make your life a little more convenient. With travel pipes, vape pens, and customizable creations, you’ll have what you need when you need it. Browse everything we have to offer and discover your new favorite products!

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