Blow Your Friend’s Minds with These Top 5 Vape Smoke Tricks

Vaping is better when you add in a little competition! Grab your closest friends, your favorite vape pens (Biiig Stiiizzy gives you a noted competitive edge), deliciously flavored cartridges, and get ready for a great time.

We love vape smoke tricks, they enhance the smoking experience, and really are a good time. We’ve compiled this quick list of vape tricks for beginners to get you up to speed on some of our favorite vape tricks. Our advice: take your time and practice your favorite tricks before you start competing.

Let the games begin!

1. The Waterfall

Picture of a man exhaling smoke from a vape pen

The waterfall vape smoke trick — appropriately named as the smoke trail resembles a waterfall that is blown from your mouth into your nose.

What you need to do: Begin by drawing vapor into your mouth (a sufficient amount of vape is needed for this trick — hence we recommend the Biiig Stiiizy).

Next, stick out your bottom lip a bit so it is protruding from the top lip. Now, let the smoke waft out of your mouth, as you simultaneously inhale through your nose. This step is a little harder than it sounds — start practicing your circular breathing.

Once you have this trick mastered, the smoke you are exhaling from your mouth and inhaling into your nose will resemble a waterfall of gray smoke from your nose to your mouth!

Extra points for the person who can make the waterfall flow longest!

2. The Tornado

This vape trick for beginners requires a whole heap of smoke! Do your breathing exercises before you attempt to create a tornado out of smoke. That’s right, a tornado out of smoke. Here’s what to do:

First, this trick requires accessories, so grab an empty paper towel roll.

Next, prepare for the vapor. Take a long, strong hit, and exhale a thick vapor on a perfectly flat surface (i.e. table) through the paper towel roll. You’ll be creating a cylinder of thick smoke.

Now, bring in the hand movements. Once you’ve exhaled your cylinder/cloud of smoke slowly onto the table, use your hand to slide through the cloud of smoke from the bottom of the table ,and then swoop your hand up quickly.

Watch in awe as your hand creates the shape of a tornado with the smoke cloud. Watch the spiral tornado spin until the smoke dissipates. Bonus points for the tallest tornado!

Again, this trick requires a full lung’s worth of smoke, prepare in advance with a Biiig Stiiizy or just practice with your favorite pen, whatever works best for you for this vape smoke trick.

Cyclone of smoke on a black background

3. Ghost Inhales

This vape smoke trick involves exhaling a ball of smoke and then drawing it back in quickly — a disappearing act if you will.

Here’s what you need to do:

Take a long pull of the vape into your mouth. Without exhaling, gently push the smoke out of your mouth using your tongue. Then, as soon as the smoke leaves your mouth, suck it all back in!

The effect is like a ghost gliding through the air and darting away! Practice makes perfect with this vape trick for beginners, and it takes some time to perfectly let the smoke float out of your mouth and grab it back.

Winner blows the most ghostly looking ghost!

4. Blowing O’s

Blowing smoke rings, or blowing O’s, is perhaps the most well known of all vape tricks.

This is a great starting trick for first timers. Just follow these simple steps to getting the O’s blown just right!

First, this vape smoke trick requires an average amount of smoke, no special breathing exercises are required and you should use your favorite vape pen.

To execute the O’s you have to concentrate on your mouth movements. Take a pull of smoke from the vape and pull the smoke towards the back of your throat. Next, form an O shape with your lips and use your throat muscles to “gurgle” out the O’s. Push each O of smoke out through your smoke for a string of O’s.

You’ll be better at blowing O’s than that caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland in no time! Points for most O’s and roundest O’s on this one!

Big smoke ring on a black background

5. The Dragon

This trick requires extreme vape inhalation for extreme smoke! Do your lung and breathing exercises and reach for the smokiest vape in your collection.

Now, let’s get down to form. This vape smoke trick has you breathing smoke out of both of your nostrils and your mouth — at the same time!

The keys to this trick are a ton of smoke and a smooth exhale with the proper face motions.

After you have inhaled as much smoke as is humanly possible, hold in the smoke and smile (knowing that you will be exhaling through the corners of your mouth). Begin to exhale through both of your nostrils and open the corners of your mouth in a joker grin to blow out the corners of your mouth.

That's four streams of smoke in dragon mode with this awesome vape trick for beginners! Two nostrils and out the two corners of your mouth — amazing! Biggest dragon wins!

These awesome vape smoke tricks are sure to keep you and your friends having fun all night long! Shop our collection of hand selected vape pens, bongs, and pipes. If you want to create a custom vape pen for your tricks, just reach out & contact us! StayLit Design is your go-to site for unique, custom vape pens.

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