Smoke in Style: The Top 7 Coolest Pipes, Bongs, and Vapes

You’re a dedicated cannabis enthusiast, and StayLit Design is dedicated to bringing you the coolest smoking apparatuses you’ll find anywhere. From our innovative, high-quality vape skins to our groovy hand pipes and hand-blown bongs, our selection redefines the whole concept of cannabis cool.

Every sesh deserves to be honored by styling pipes or customized vapes because partaking in the herb is a ritual. And there’s nothing more festive than a cool bong to gather your gang of merry heads around. StayLit Design brings you exceptional smoking aids that elevate your experience. So, let’s dive into our top 7 coolest pipes, bongs, and vapes to smoke out your personal vision of cool.

1. Cool Cow Alien Abduction Pipe

Hand holding a purple, cool cow alien pipe

Boldly chart the great unknown cloud you produce with the Purple Cow Alien Abduction Glass Handpipe. As you dare to venture where no human has gone before, contemplate the alien interest in cows. Aren’t aliens vegans? This dandy little pipe is made for flower. Handblown in LA from heavy glass, this 6” hand-embellished cutie comes along for the ride wherever you go. Space cadets will find everything they’re looking for in our Space Drop collection.

2. A Magically Cool Bong

A cool bong in hand-blown glass with green and white mushrooms on white background

Retreat to the cool woodlands with the Magical Mushroom 8” Water Pipe Dab/Rig Set for use with flower or concentrate in three gorgeous colors. Embellished with glorious, hand-blown glass mushrooms, this beauty is the work of skilled Los Angeles bong masters. StayLit Design’s bongs are fashioned from borosilicate glass, modeling the highest quality and durability. Just add the magic of mushrooms to pump up the cool at our Magical Mushroom Drop.

3. I’ll Have That With Sprinkles!

chocolate ice cream cone vape pen

Part of StayLit Design’s innovative family of vapes, the Biiig Stiiizy Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Sprinkles Vape Pen Starter Kit keeps your sesh sugar sweet. Like all our revolutionary, customized vapes, this chill dab pen comes hand-wrapped with high-quality, bubble-free, transfer-proof, vinyl skin. Deploy this powerful vape pen with oil or concentrate. This tasty treat hails from our Sweet Tooth Drop, where you’ll find more sweetly cool pipes and bongs, too.

4. Coolness is a StayLit Design Vape Pen

vape pen with a charger, wrapped in purple panda skin

StayLit Design is disrupting the vape pen market with something completely different. Our battery starter kits come with everything you need except the cartridge. Complete with a charger and hand-wrapped in-house, you get a product that’s calibrated to your style, ready to use, and of superior quality. You may prefer cool pipes or a cool bong, but if you haven’t tried a StayLit Design vape pen, you’re missing out!

Our vinyl wraps are made to stay looking good. Hand-wrapped by our team at StayLit Design, our skins don’t bubble and won’t transfer onto your hands. They transmit your unique aesthetic in eye-catching designs and colors. You’re not basic, so why should your vape be? And our dab pens don’t just look good. Our partners are leaders like 510 Thread and Stiiizy, renowned for their outstanding quality.

5. Cool Pipes that Stay Cool


Hand holding a hot pink, cool pipe against a background of greenery

The Hot Pink Glycerin Ice Cream Cone Hand Pipe is cool and then some. Not only does this colorful pipe look cool, it stays cool. Place it in the freezer for a silky smooth sesh. Filled with glycerin, this 4.5” stone-cold beauty is compatible with flower. Get the smooth sensation that makes your sesh sweeter with this glycerin-filled pipe.

6. A Super Cool Bong Made of Artisan Heady Glass


Octopus heady glass cool bong in vibrant colors with business card of bong master in foreground

Premium Artisan Heady glass pipes are the kind of glass that impresses the onlooker. Intricate and detailed, all the offerings in our heady glass collection are art pieces. Created by master New Mexico artisan, Izzy the Glass Blower, the Amber Purple Octopus Glass Water Pipe/Dab Rig, is a premium heady glass masterwork any collector will covet. With its teal suction cups, this 5” tall rig is signed by the illustrious Izzy.

7. StayLit Design Party Boxes: The Height of Cool

Cool, green glass dinosaur bong with a cool vape pen pipe and dinosaur grinder

Maybe you’re looking for cool pipes to present as gifts or a cool bong to offer as a token of your undying love. But first, check out our superlative collection of Party Boxes. Give them as gifts or keep them all to yourself. Whatever you do with a StayLit Design Party Box, it’ll be fun! Get a surprise mystery gift, a 510 Thread battery starter kit, and more in one of these fiesta-ready boxes!

StayLit Design: The Citadel of Cannabis Cool

StayLit Design has created a whole new way to enjoy vaping with our collection of mad cool, revolutionary dab pens. With a selection of wild patterns, colors, and even bling, you’re spoiled for choice. Your style comes first at StayLit Design, where we believe that vaping should be about more than basic, matte black. Basic doesn’t begin to tell the world how cool you are!

Browse our collections for the cool pipes you need to proclaim your embrace of all that is distinctive. And remember, when your order totals $75 or more, you get a free gift. Reach out to talk to us about your vape pen customization vision. At StayLit Design, we love custom orders!

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