10 Best Vape Flavors For Those Hot Summers

Summer is quickly approaching—grab a new beach towel, some shades, and, of course, your 510 Thread and some cartridges. There’s no better feeling than being warmed in the summer sun and cooled with a fine-quality vape. StayLit Design has everything you need to make the most of the summer months approaching.

Check out our favorite vape juice flavors to keep you feeling the summer love this season.

1. Pineapple Express - Hybrid

One of the most well known vape juice flavors is the fantastic Pineapple Express. Now a household term after the release of the 2008 movie, this flavor has the distinct taste of pineapple! It’s an indica-sativa hybrid that has depth, great aroma, and potent effects. Expect a great balance of energy-boosting and mind-relaxing with this sativa dominant hybrid.

Pair this sweet pineapple cartridge with our Biiig Stiiizzy Ocean Floor Battery for a serious summer match.

Biiig Stiiizy 1 inch wide vape pen with an ocean design

2. Strawberry Cough - Sativa

Coughing strawberry smoke is really a thing with this favorite flavor. Inhale delectable smooth strawberry flavor — perfect for summer!

This sativa dominant strain is a favorite when it comes to relaxation and stress relief. Strawberries have a way of making you smile and this vape juice flavor cartridge will surely brighten your day.

Want to go full-on berry? Pair this cartridge with a Stiiizzy Strawberry Battery. We can taste the berry goodness already.

Stiiizy strawberry battery vape pen starter kit

3. Watermelon Z - Indica

What summer meal is not complete without a slice of juicy, red, luscious watermelon? Grab this indica concentrate and immediately feel the candy sweet flavor hit your tastebuds.

Watermelon Z is a hybrid crossed with the enormously popular Zkittles, giving it its juicy candy-like sweet flavors. Let this vape juice flavor ease your mind; it’s known to promote sleep, relaxation and overall well being.

We like to pair this lovely, fruity vape juice flavor cartridge with a Blue Green Holographic 510 Threaded Battery—the rind to this luscious fruit.

510 threaded battery pen- sized vape pen with a blue and green holographic vinyl decal color

4. Sour Tangie - Sativa

This amazing flavor is a delectable hybrid of Sour Diesel and Tangie that is sure to delight. Sour Diesel’s classic aroma and flavor combine with the citrus notes of Tangie for a fantastic sativa vape juice flavor.

Another super energizing and uplifting combination: we like to pair Sour Tangie with a timeless classic—carbon fiber. The 510 Threaded Battery in Carbon Fiber is an all-around winning kit.

510 threaded battery pen- sized vape pen with a carbon fiber vinyl decal

5. Do-Si-Dos - Hybrid

This summer favorite is a memorable blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. The cookie flavor is full of vanilla notes with a floral hint.

This indica-dominant hybrid can really knock your socks off — a full body mellow and sleepiness are characteristic effects of this mix. Get a little much needed downtime with this fantastic summer choice.

We like the Stiiizzy Pen Rubi Puzzle as a great pairing with fruity vape juice flavor and all of your favorite cartridges. 

Stiiizy pen-sized vape pen with a black background and color rubix cube puzzle design

6. Mango - CBD

This CBD feature is a beautiful, robust Mango. This sativa is infused with tropical notes of refreshing pineapple and mango flavors.

Enjoy these CBD heavy cartridges anytime and experience the sativa upliftment, as well.

We’ve paired this CBD vape juice flavor choice with another one of our all-time favorites: The 510 Threaded Battery Purple Pink Marble. This beautiful marbleized design is full of interest and movement, and it relaxes us everytime we see it!

510 threaded battery pen- sized vape pen with a purple and pink marbleized vinyl decal

7. Granddaddy Purple - Hybrid

Speaking of purple, why not pick up this world-renowned flavor this summer — granddaddy purple. This indica-heavy strain will leave you feeling blissfully at ease after tasting its hints of lavender, grape, and honey.

This fruity vape juice flavor is known for its potency and effects of euphoria and relaxation.

We think granddaddy purple pairs wonderfully with The 510 Threaded Battery Purple Pink Marble, as well. Let your batteries go the extra mile with StayLit Design!

8. Blue Dream - Sativa

Hello blueberries, nice to see you! Taste the berry vape juice flavor goodness when you try Blue Dream — a sativa hybrid of Blueberry and Haze.

This powerful blend is known to relieve both pain and nausea. Sit back and relax with a taste of Blue Dream this summer.

Take your toke to the next level with this Biiig Stiiizy Ice Blue Holographic Blast Vape Pen Kit. The bigger battery powers a deeper hit, full of more smoke.

Biiig Stiiizy 1 inch wide vape pen with an ice blue holographic design

9. Raspberry White - Indica

This super tough blend mixes Raspberry Kush, Beary White, and Purple Punch for the ultimate Indica blend of sweetness and euphoric relaxation.

Indulge in the flavors of berry, grapes, fruit punch, and sweet pine in this vape juice flavor. This lovely combination will combat the most stressful situations (if summer, for some reason, tries to treat you badly).

Grab another one of our summer favorites: the Stiiizy Pen Day Of The Dead Battery. This eye-catching graphic will lead you through summer and into autumn with ease.

Stiiizy pen-sized vape pen with a black day of the dead design

10. Gelato - Hybrid

This sweet and creamy mixed vape juice flavor is our final summer favorite. And what is summer without a big serving of Gelato?

Find sweet notes of sherbert and mint from this hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint and Sunset Sherbet. Its balanced mix leads to relaxation and pain relief.

Pair this great fruity vape juice flavor choice with the Biiig Stiiizy Astronaut Balloons Battery. Keep yourself floating above the rest with this and all of our summer vape flavor recs.

Biiig Stiiizy 1 inch wide vape pen with an in-color astronaut holding balloons design on black background

Here at StayLit Design, we work hard to keep your gear updated with the best in-class vape pens, bongs, and pipes. Check out the goods, and contact us with any questions you may have. We customize all our pens in-house for the best quality at the best price!

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