Cool Bongs & Dab Rigs for Guys

We get it, you’re not just any guy – you’re the guy with a style that’s as unique as your fingerprint. You have no time or room in your life for anything ordinary. Luckily, that’s the last thing you’ll ever find at StayLit Design. Crafted for all you trendsetting guys out there, we have an epic collection of bongs that make a statement and flaunt your individuality with every hit. Shop now to own your cool!

Bongs for the Boys

Ready to take your smoking experience to the next level? Prepare to be blown away! A collection unlike any other, these cool bongs are your journey into the extraordinary. Give your smoke sesh a major upgrade with bold, one-of-a-kind designs that feature astronauts, outer space, magical mushrooms, and more. Plus, these glass bongs for sale have all been meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure the test of time, just like your adventurous spirit.


Which of these bongs is the most durable?

We understand durability matters, which is why all of our bongs for boys offer quality craftsmanship. Engineered using materials like high-quality borosilicate glass and ceramic, these bongs we built to last through smoke sesh after smoke sesh.

How do I find the best bong?

Look for a size that works for your lifestyle and preferences, whether that’s a big, bold, and large bong or more discreet and portable mini bongs for on-the-go. You also want to find a cool design that expresses your personality!

What’s the coolest design in your bong collection?

With countless amazing designs that feature UFOs, man’s best friend, tasty food prints, monsters, and more—plus stand-out heady glass pipes, anyone would have trouble choosing who gets dubbed the coolest.

Conquer Every Hit with Confidence

Level up your smoke or dab game with StayLit Design. From cool bongs to vape skins we’ve exclusively designed and hand-wrapped in-house, you can always find a unique and diverse piece that resonates with your vibe. Explore our selection of artistic bongs, smoking accessories, and more today!