510 Threaded Battery Red Glitter Starter Kit
510 Threaded Battery Red Glitter Starter Kit
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510 Threaded Battery Red Glitter Starter Kit

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Vape in style with this gorgeously glittery red vape pen! This vape comes pre-wrapped in a custom vinyl skin that looks so much like Dorothy’s ruby slippers you’ll be clicking your heels together when you use it. Boasting a 350mAh lithium battery, a single charge will keep you going all day. Three voltage presets make it easy to get the perfect hit with different 510-threaded cartridges and tanks.

Main Features:

  • Button Pen for on/off, voltage, and pre-heat functions.
  • On/Off: Press button 5 times for on/off.
  • Variable Voltage: Click the fire button 3 times to scroll through 3 voltage settings.
    • White: 2.6V

    • Green: 3.2V

    • Red: 3.8V

  • Preheat Function: Press the pink vape pen’s button 2 times to preheat. Press button 1 time to stop preheat.
  • Battery Level Indicator:
    • Green: Full

    • Orange: Medium

    • Red: Low


  • 510 thread
  • Length: 3.5in
  • Diameter: .5in
  • Working Volt: 2.6v~3.8v
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh

Love Your Vape with StayLit Design

We make vape pens that stand out. All of our vapes come with a charger, so all you need is your favorite 510 cartridge or tank, and you’re good to go.! We carry a ton of other customized 510 threaded batteries, so have a look around, and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Order this beautiful red vape pen exclusively at StayLit Design today!

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