5 Potential Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

There’s no question about it: vaping has become really popular in the last few years. Is vaping just a new trend? Or is there a good reason to hop on the bandwagon?

While smoking and edibles will always be effective methods of cannabis use, we think vaping is a great alternative. There are a ton of vaping benefits, and we want to highlight just a few of the reasons vaping cannabis can be beneficial.

Interested in vaping THC? Read on to discover how vape pens work, the benefits of vaping, and the best cannabis vapes.

How to Vape THC

Vape pens work by heating up cannabis concentrate and turning it into vapor. This process doesn’t produce any smoke because there’s no combustion. Combustion is the process that creates smoke when you light a bowl or joint. When you inhale through a vape pen, the THC that’s vaporized is absorbed into your blood while the rest is exhaled out.

Cannabis Vaping Benefits

Vaping can be a much smoother way to get high because there’s no harsh smoke getting into your lungs. Let’s look at five benefits of vaping over smoking or taking edibles.

1. May Reduce Inhalation of Carcinogens

Carcinogens are cancer-causing compounds that are harmful to our lungs. Unfortunately, the combustion process that occurs when you smoke cannabis can cause carcinogens to form. Vaping may reduce the chances of inhaling carcinogens because vaporizing the concentrate doesn’t use combustion.

2. May Make Cannabis More Effective

Vaping may give you a better, stronger high. Vape pens convert much of the cannabis into vapor, giving you more THC than smoking does since lower temperatures are used. Less of the cannabis compounds disappear the way they do in smoke. Plus, you’ll feel the effects much quicker than you would while waiting for an edible to kick in.

3. More Control Over the Experience

One of the biggest vaping benefits is having more control over your experience than you usually do smoking. Terpenes, the compounds in cannabis that give off odor and taste, aren’t as easily destroyed when you vape because less heat is used. In the best cannabis vapes, you can change the heat settings of the pen, which changes how much of the “weed” flavor you taste.

Vape pens also give you the ability to take smaller puffs than you might inhale with a joint or a bowl, and some pens let you change the settings to control how much you get with each inhale. This makes the experience even better for someone just starting to use cannabis or just learning how to vape THC.

cannabis concentrate and edibles

4. More Convenient to Use

Since vape pens don’t use the process of combustion, there’s little to no smell involved. This makes using cannabis a lot more discreet, especially since any smell will dissipate quickly.

The small size of vape pens makes them similar to regular pens (and sometimes even smaller), so they’re also really easy to travel with. They can fit inside a bag or pocket without a problem and don’t require accessories like a grinder or lighter, making them perfect for a quick fix without any hassle.

5. All the Benefits, Less Hassle

Using a vape pen for cannabis will give you the same effects of smoking or edibles, faster and more easily. Many people like to use cannabis to ease worried minds, aching muscles, and so much more. We’d say one of the biggest vaping benefits is that you can get the same positive effects with a more streamlined experience — most pens feature a one-button design, meaning all you have to do is press a button and inhale!

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