6 Out-of-This-World, Awesome Bong, Vape, and Pipe Designs

If you’re looking for out-of-this-world smoking apparatuses, you’ve come to the right place. StayLit Design is all about bringing you uniquely awesome bongs, glowing pipes, and vape pens. Let’s take a tour of what we’ve got in store and see if we can’t find you the ideal pipe, dab rig, or bong, tailor-made for your smoking pleasure!

Awesome Bongs Bring Swag to Your Sesh

A great place to start your quest for that otherworldly bong or glowing pipe is our Heady Glass Pipe Collection. Heady glass is unique and hand-blown by notable glass artists who create designs that make your sesh stylish. Show off your personality in style when you set up one of these exceptional creations!

Awesome bong in orange and clear blown glass on a white background

1. Guru Glass Orange Sherbet Chaos Lamp Heady Glass Water/Pipe Rig

Go high-end heady with this magnificent creation from the glass masters at Florida’s Guru Glass. This gorgeous example of craftsmanship is an art piece that will draw gasps of appreciative delight. Standing 8” tall, this beauty includes a 14 mm female joint and 14 mm martini bowl for your smoking pleasure.

Red and black pipe with horns holds its dab tool like a scepter

2. BossHaas Black Red Opal Dab Dude Heady Glass Water Pipe/Dab Rig

Heady glass collectors need to know about this little dab dude, straight from the bong artisans of Texas. This awesome bong wears horns because he means business, as indicated by the opal embedded in his chest. Holding the dab tool aloft like a scepter when it’s not in use, our jaunty dab dude’s got attitude aplenty. But he also includes a 14 mm martini bowl and a 14 mm, 45-degree angle banger.

Let’s continue exploring StayLit Design’s stellar collections with a look at our stellar pipes.

Magnificently Glowing Pipes

When the lights are low, it helps to know where your pipe is. And when your trusty pipe glows in the dark, that’s not a problem! Let’s check in with our Glow in the Dark collection to feature some of the radiant selections there!

Clear glass glowing pipe featuring rainbow flower with crystal center

3. Glow in the Dark Rainbow Flower Glass Hand Pipe

Signal your dedication to diversity with a snazzy little pipe that wears its rainbow sentiments on its glass stem! At the rainbow flower’s center is a shiny crystal, lighting your way to an exemplary sesh. Made in beautiful Los Angeles, CA, this 4-inch, hand-blown pipe glows for liberation!

Flaming skull Hawaiian flower glowing pipe

4. Glow In The Dark Flaming Skull Hawaiian Flower Hibiscus Beaker Glass Water Pipe/Bong

When it’s time to chill, this artistic glow pipe illuminates the room. Filled with intrigue, haunting mystery, and Hawaiian vibes, this volcanic glass water pipe knows how to set the mood. Hand blown of borosilicate glass in Los Angeles, this pipe has got some serious chill.

But there’s so much more to StayLit Design than awesome bongs and glow-in-the-dark pipes. Our space vapes are so awesome, we’ve changed the vaping game for good!

Awesome Bongs, Glow Pipes, & Vape Pens at StayLit Design

We’ve got what you’re looking for with our diversely-themed artistic bongs and accessories, including custom rolling trays. Let’s feature just a couple of our revolutionary vape pans that come to you with hand-applied, high-quality vinyl skins. With the battery and charger already there, you select the designs that mesh with your style.

Glow in the dark vape pen

5. Stiiizy Pen Glow in the Dark Battery Vape Pen Starter Kit

Hand-wrapped in quality vinyl skin that glows, this simple yet alluring starter kit is powered by Stiiizy. With a dual airflow mouthpiece and a long-lasting battery, vaping has never been easier.


6. Stiiizy Pen Tie Dye Aliens Battery Starter Kit

What is more out-of-this-world than aliens? Soar through time and space when you vape with this vibrant tie-dye vape pen, powered by Stiiizy. Each time you take a hit, you’ll be greeted by a green alien giving you the finger.

StayLit Design - More Than Awesome Bongs

With hand-wrapped, ready-to-roll vape pens, and a world of customization to accommodate your unique tastes, StayLit Design is where cannasseurs find awesome bongs and groovy pipes. StayLit Design’s custom-wrapped vape batteries break the mold, bringing you stylish convenience you can match to every outfit in your closet. And we don’t stop there. We love individuality and custom orders. Reach out to share your vision. We can make it happen!

Order $75 or more and we’ll send you a free gift! StayLit Design brings you a revolution in vape pens, awesome bongs and chill-crazy glow pipes.

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