5 Best Accessories to Elevate Your Smoking Sesh

You only really need two things for a good smoke sesh — something to smoke and, well, something to smoke from! But if you’re looking to elevate the experience and make things run a bit smoother, there are a few must-have accessories most veterans swear by. Obviously, you’ll want to invest in premium-quality herb, oil, or concentrate, but there are also a few tools that can make your next smoke sesh better than ever.

You probably know about vape pens and bongs, but if you’re new to smoking, you may not have heard of herb grinders, rolling trays, and dabbing accessories. Thankfully, StayLit Design has got you covered. Check out our list of the best smoking accessories available.

1. Rolling Trays

Many smokers think they can get away without a rolling tray, but these portable tools make cleaning up a breeze! When you’re getting ready to roll a joint or pack a bowl, you’ll need to grind your herb into smaller pieces. This process can be a little messy, and bits of your precious herb may fall on the floor, the couch, or wherever you have your setup. With a custom rolling tray, you can safely collect those tiny pieces to keep your area clean and avoid waste!

Rolling trays are among the best smoking accessories because they save you cleaning time and help you avoid losing any herb during your prep. If you’re smoking regularly, they’re a real must-have.




2. Herb Grinders

If you’re a seasoned smoker, you’ve probably heard of a dry herb grinder before — you may even own one, yourself! But most newbies have no idea why they need to invest in one of these bad boys. Breaking your herb up before you smoke is an absolutely necessary step because smaller pieces mean a slower, more even burn. When you break up the herb with your hands, the pieces you create will be inconsistent in size, leading to joints that burn unevenly and leftover wasted herb in your bongs.

You don’t have to settle for a boring black dry herb grinder, either. At StayLit Design, we offer customized grinders in a variety of unique styles.

3. Dabbers

A dabber, also known as a dab tool, is another essential accessory that will help you get the most out of your dab. These are long, thin tools — usually made of glass or metal — that are used to touch concentrate to a heated surface on your dab rig. Essentially, they act as a protective barrier between your bare hands and the hot rig, helping you avoid burns and other unfortunate mishaps.

Pink purple heart carb cap

4.  Carb Caps

For those who prefer dabbing to smoking, a carb cap is an essential tool. These small accessories are typically made from glass or quartz, and work to restrict airflow to your dab nail for a more intense flavor and better heat retention. Simply heat up your oil or concentrate in the dab nail and place the carb cap on top to enjoy fuller flavors and more intense hits.

5. Glass Pipes

Vape pens, bongs, and dab rigs may be a no-brainer in the smoking world, but that doesn’t discount glass pipes as some of the best and most essential smoking accessories available. You don’t even need a whole rig to get started — a small, handheld glass pipe should do the trick. Whether you opt for a classic glass spoon or a funky silicone design, these little gems are the perfect addition to your collection.

Get the Good Stuff

As long as you make sure you’re buying premium-quality herb and the best smoking accessories, you can’t go wrong! Elevate your next smoke session by investing in a rolling tray, grinder, and other must-have accessories. Explore our vast selection of uniquely customized designs and up your smoke or dab game today!

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