Winter Wonderland: Tips for Vaping in Cold Weather

Winter means having to put on multiple layers before leaving the house every day. Plus, snow always looks pretty but is not fun to battle during your commute to work. In general, it's not pleasant to spend much time out in winter every day. But nature is unavoidable, and you will most likely find yourself in a situation that calls for vaping in cold weather. 

If you live somewhere where temperatures drop significantly, you will want to listen up. The weather can affect how your vape operates, so keeping these tips in mind is crucial for not breaking your precious pen. We will discuss everything you need to have the best vaping experience under chillier circumstances. This goes for keeping your vape pen safe and you comfortable as well!

Let's vape smart this winter! Below are the best tips for vaping in winter.

Battery Care

The batteries in any vape pen are highly susceptible to cold weather. Frigid temperatures and electronics are a terrible combination in general, because they can significantly affect performance. Batteries require fast-moving electrons to make the device work. When they are exposed to chilly temperatures, these electrons slow down, which makes them not work as quickly or effectively.

Your pen will end up working extra hard to heat up, and that can drain your battery! That means you'll be spending a lot more time charging your device than you usually would. So make sure you keep your pen in a warm pocket or not exposed to the elements when you're vaping in cold weather.

Cold Hurts Your Juice

Cold temperatures can affect your battery's performance, and they can also greatly affect the juice in your cartridge. Luckily, vaping in winter won't cause your cartridges to freeze up entirely. However, cold weather can change the consistency and make taking hits more difficult.

Help your vape withstand the cold by keeping it close to your body, like in an inside pocket, but not somewhere it can get crushed, like your butt pocket. The heat your body produces can be an excellent tool for keeping your devices warm and safe while you are vaping in cold weather!

If you ever leave a cartridge or pen in the cold by accident, you can save things by placing it in a room temperature area for a few hours before using. This way, it can recharge, and the juice can regain its normal consistency.

Get Gloves

Your hands are one of the main parts of your body that suffer from the cold. That's because when you're experiencing cold weather, your body goes into survival mode and wants to keep the internal organs warm. Extremities like your fingers and toes are one of the first places to stop receiving critical body heat.

So when you're vaping in cold weather, wearing gloves is a must! Exposure to any low temperatures means you're going to lose body heat quickly. Keeping a good pair of warm gloves on you while you're out and about can make vaping in winter much more comfortable.

Stay Moisturized

Vape pens won't cause your lips or hands to dry out, but exposing yourself to cold weather will. Most places require you to go outside to hit your pens, and lots of exposure to the harsh temperatures can take its toll on your skin. Keep your lips, face, and hands happy by staying moisturized!

Vaping in cold weather can be a bad experience when your lips are dry and chapped! Carry a good lip balm around with you at all times, as well as a mini bottle of hand cream. This can make or break your vaping in winter experience!

Don't Share Your Vape

One of the best parts of the cannabis world is how open and friendly everyone is. Stoners love to talk about new strains and share products, but sharing vape pens can be highly unhygienic. Viruses spread quickly through respiratory droplets, so when you let a random coworker hit your vape pen, you're exposing yourself to all those germs left behind.

Especially considering that winter is the season for colds, flus, and COVID-19, you may want to keep your awesome vape to yourself this year. If your buddy is insistent on hitting yours, direct them to our unique selection of vapes and other glassware available from StayLit!

Have Fun With Different Pens

Vaping in cold weather can be enjoyable as long as you follow these easy steps. Take care of your battery and cartridge juice by not leaving your vape out and exposed to the cold when you are vaping in winter this year. Keep it in a warm pocket or somewhere indoors. Get gloves for yourself if you'll be going outside frequently, and don't forget to carry lip balm around with you.

Your vape pen should reflect your uniqueness and individuality. At StayLit Design, we're dedicated to creating fun pens for you to carry around and show off with. The winter months can be cold, dark, and dreary, but having a bright and special pen with you can upgrade your mood. Shop for all of our cannabis devices, glassware, and accessories to upgrade your smoking game! They make perfect gifts for the holidays, too.

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