Celebrate Valentine's Day with Bongs, Pipes, and Dab Rigs


Romantic Gifts for Vapers

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At StayLit Design, we believe that you can never have enough bongs, vapes, pipes, or dab rigs. Each new one you get fulfills a thematic goal or expresses a different aspect of your personality. Some days, we feel like we need to take a chill pill and smoke out of our pill shaped pipe. Other days, life feels like a zoo, and the elephant rig is where it’s at!

If you’re feeling the same way about your smoking accessories, then it’s high time that you got a piece that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re buying for a significant other or you’re getting hot and heavy with yourself, we have the Valentine’s themed bongs you want. Check out our favorite gifts for vapers and smokers, and buy one for yourself, your best friend, or anyone else who deserves a little bit of love!

1. Hearts

Hearts are one of the biggest themes on V-Day. Everything from chocolates and teddy bears to cards and candies comes in the shape of a heart. If you want to express your love with this shape, we say skip out on boring and traditional and opt for an exciting gift for vapers that’s all about the smoke!

Be Mine Rig

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This Valentine’s themed bong is straight out of the elementary school classroom. While they might have gotten their start in the 1800s, every kid fondly remembers those chalky, dusty conversation hearts. They came in a cardboard box, tasted terrible, and looked like an elephant had walked all over them. But, there’s something so nostalgic about what that message candy represented.

Bring all those memories crashing back with a throwback gift for vapers and smokers that looks just like your childhood valentines. With a big pink heart that says “Be Mine” on the front with accent hearts, rhinestones, and roses around the base, there’s nothing that says “I love you” better than this rig. Use it for flower and concentrates and enjoy the durable, versatile constructions of our hand blown borosilicate glass!

Candy Heart Rig

If you want an elevated version of this gift for vapers or smokers, we have a candy heart Valentine’s Day bong that feels a little less childish. Instead of imprinting designs onto the glass, we’ve blown this entire piece into the shape of a heart and inscribed it with a customizable message. Explore black or pink glass colors and choose between four different sayings, including:

  • I Love You
  • Hug Me
  • Smoke Me
  • Fuck Off

We admit that last one isn’t the best choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, but maybe it offers the right punk vibe for your relationship. Since these rigs are ideal for both flower and concentrates, you may want to pick up some matching dabbing accessories, like our floral dab tools.

You can also find vape pens with heart designs here!

2. Flowers

Nothing says your love will last forever like a gift of flowers…that will eventually wilt and die. If you’re looking for a sweet bouquet that will last quite a bit longer than the average, maybe a version blown in glass or decorating a vape pen is the perfect gift for your favorite vaper.

Rose Bouquet

A bouquet of pink roses on a Valentine’s Day bong will smell so much better when you smoke your favorite flower… and last much longer than a real bouquet of roses, too. Made of premium quality borosilicate glass, this rose-themed rig is shaded a very light pink color and has painted pink roses all around the body. You can use the martini bowl and clear banger for flower as well as concentrates. The coolest thing about this rose bong? It comes with a rose shaped dab tool already included!

Pressed Flowers

Another floral-themed piece that might speak to your loved one, this bong is blown in the shape of heart and has an array of wildflowers around the body that look just like they’ve been pressed and preserved. How did we make these flowers look so real? It’s because they are! Dried and pressed, this piece has real flowers blown into the glass as a symbol of your eternal love and affection. When you aren’t smoking out of it, you can decorate your home with this functional work of art.

If you want a floral gift specifically for a vaper, find pens that feature sunflowers, roses, and daisies in our vaping collection.

3. Rainbows

At StayLit Design, we believe that love is love. No matter your sex, gender, color, creed, or anything else. Flaunt that you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community with rainbow gifts for vapers and smokers that symbolize acceptance, diversity, and love for all!

Iridescent Rainbow

A subtle show of light and color make this iridescent rainbow beaker-style rig irresistible. It changes color at every angle, with blues and greens shining through from one side while pinks, reds, and orange beam out of the other.

While the iridescent rainbow rig is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, just like our other bongs and pipes, it can only be used with dried flower.

Rainbow Swirl

Are you looking for a brighter, more flamboyant rainbow option? We’ve got you! Check out this psychedelic rainbow swirl silicone bong that provides you with versatility that’s just as flexible as you are. In addition to the gorgeous rainbow design, we love this as a gift for dedicated smokers, because they can take it anywhere without worrying about cracks or vapes. Made from an environmentally friendly and food-safe silicone material, this bong is literally unbreakable – just like your love.

From rainbow scales to rainbow sparkles, our colorful vape collection offers great gifts for vapers, too!

Shop the Love to Feel the Love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. You can buy gifts for vapers to honor familial love, self-love, and any other kind of love! If none of these pieces feel right, browse our entire collection to find the perfect pipe, vape pen, or dab rig today.

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