6 Smoking Hot Beach Vape Pens, Bongs, & Pipes for Summer

woman vaping with vape at the beach

Between the warm weather, beach days in bikinis, and laid back vibes, there’s a lot to love about sweet summertime. As the days get longer and the sunshine rolls in, change begins. With afternoons spent by the pool, to full-on relaxing like it's your job, summer is the best time to give yourself artistic bongs, vapes, and pipes to add to your collection.

Because summer’s just not complete without the smoking hot vape pens, bongs, and pipes to match. Dive on in to discover the six of the coolest beach vapes and tropical bongs that will have you feeling the summer vibes all season long.

1. Something Fruity


pineapple floating in water

While we’re all familiar with indulging in smoky outdoor barbecue and oh-so-sweet summer ice cream flavors, you can’t forget about the unbelievably delicious fruit that summer brings. There’s nothing quite like biting into a piece of fresh, juicy fruit — aka nature’s candy! Embrace the sweet side of summer with a bold and colorful fruity vape pen, bong or pipe. Go for your fave fruit, a tropical bong or pipe like a pineapple, or a seasonal fruit (think peaches) to really lean into the pure essence of summer.

2. Animals Under the Sea


A coral reef under the sea

Is there anything that says summer more than the beach? The warm sand in between your toes, the rise and fall of the tide, and a light sea salt breeze is summer at its finest. Beach vapes are tailor-made for summer days and nights. Our Under the Sea animal glass pipe collection immerses you into the great depths of the sea that you’ve never gotten to experience before. Get up close and chill with dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and even an octopus!

3. Beach Vibes

A woman in the middle of the waves as the sun sets

Not one for aquatic animals? There are definitely two types of beach goers – those that wade right into the water, and those that prefer to stay above sea level. If you’re the latter, we’ve got you covered. You can still savor a beachy, tropical bong or vape that gives you under the sea vibes. Enjoy different beach vapes featuring palm trees, beautiful blues and greens, Kawaii summer, and the ocean – sans the deep sea creatures. So fun and tropical that even the mermaids will be jealous.

4. We Scream for Ice Cream

A hand holding an ice cream cone on the beach 

We know that we said that fruit is one of summer’s best and freshest treats, but who doesn’t like to indulge every once in a while? Summery beach vapes don’t just mean the ocean; they’re everything that summer encapsulates. It’s hard not to get a smile on your face during the summer when you hear the ice cream truck song or when someone asks you if you want ice cream on a smolderingly hot day (the answer is always yes). Summer and ice cream go together like peanut butter and jelly! Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, summertime flavors, sprinkles – we could go on and on. Satiate that sweet tooth with an ice cream cone pipe or vape that’s perfect for beating the heat during an on-the-go summer sesh.

5. Sweet Treat

Colorful summer cupcakes

Ice cream isn’t the only sweet treat that says summer. Cupcakes are seriously overrated as a summertime dessert. Between the different flavor combinations, festive decorations, and easy portability, it’s about time that we all give cupcakes some love. Our Sweet Tooth collection is your answer to summertime sweet cravings, from ice cream to cupcakes. Indulge in a summer beach vape or tropical bong that’s as sweet as you are! Punchy colors, fun designs, and cupcakes have us dreaming of summer already.

6. Like a Butterfly

A Monarch butterfly on a tropical flower

We’re not the only ones that head to the surf and sand of the beach on toasty summer days. Some species of butterflies are also known to flock to beaches as the weather starts to warm. Butterflies – they’re just like us! Featuring vibrant colors of the rainbow and hand placed butterflies, butterfly vapes are the beach vape stars of summer. Life’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but it can be with butterfly pipes and bongs.

Enjoy Summer Days with StayLit Design

An aerial view of people laying on the beach

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