Happy 710! Celebrate by Dabbing in Style with StayLit Design

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Sure, we have 420 to celebrate our appreciation for smoking. But for those of us who especially love dabbing, vape pens, oils, and waxes, 710 is our favorite day of the year.

710 is a newer weed-themed holiday, and it’s become more well known as vaping and dabbing have grown in popularity. Wondering why we celebrate our love for concentrates by taking a 710 dab? Just flip the numbers upside down and you get OIL.

From all of us here at StayLit Design, happy 710!

National Dab Day

710 is also known as national dab day or “day of the dab.” While no one quite knows who started this trend, it’s safe to say it’s been popping up more frequently in recent years. Now on its way to being known worldwide, taking a 710 dab is the perfect way to celebrate cannabis concentrate and all things dab-related.

Why has dabbing become so popular? For the most part, we can look to the legalization of cannabis in all of its forms. As more states and countries make cannabis legal, knowledge is spreading and more people are taking part in celebrating a happy 710. Plus, legalization has given the entire cannabis industry higher standards, making dabbing-related products, like vape pens and concentrates, safer for use.

Another positive of legalization is that when cannabis concentrate products first started being used, they were often pretty inconsistent. Legalization has really pushed for standardization across the industry. This has reassured everyone that dab pens can be used safely and has upped the quality of concentrates, making more people excited to celebrate a happy 710!

What’s a 710 Dab?

Want to take part in national dab day? Here’s everything you need to know.

Dabbing means using a concentrated cannabis product, like oil or wax, by heating it up and inhaling its vapors. This process gives people quicker and more intense highs, especially compared to smoking flower.

You can join us in taking a 710 dab by using a dab rig or dab pen. Dab pens are a really popular way to use concentrates on the go. On the other hand, dab rigs can be unique statement pieces and create a great dabbing experience.

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Custom Dab Rigs and Dab Pens

To celebrate a happy 710, elevate your dabbing with a custom dab rig and unique dab accessories to show off to the friends you celebrate with. Our high-quality glass rigs are designed to appeal to a wide variety of different people, and they will really let your personality shine through whenever you use one.

If you’re looking instead for a portable dab pen, you’ll definitely want to check out our distinctive vape pens. StayLit Design specializes in designing custom vape pens. We hand-wrap our pens in-house using durable vinyl skins that won’t fade or peel.

With so many affordable options on our site, you can pick a pen and battery to match every outfit. Explore our selection today.

Show off your personality in style on national dab day! Happy 710!

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