StayLit Design’s Top 10 Gifts for Vapers & Smokers

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With the explosion of the cannabis industry in the last decade, smoking and vaping have evolved from a subculture to a very mainstream hobby. Finding gifts for vapers can be a challenge if you’re unfamiliar with the current trends, though. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of fun, cool, and functional gift ideas that would be a perfect addition to any smoker’s collection. Any of these ten gifts would work as birthday, anniversary, holiday, or Christmas gifts for stoners.

1. Gift Boxes

Party boxes are the perfect gifts for vapers, as they combine a variety of necessities and usually feature cool themed products. At StayLit Design, we offer a wide selection of party boxes with varying products and themes. Whether you’re searching for a Mushroom Rig Gift Box or a Glow in the Dark Alien Gift Box, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Christmas gift for the stoner in your life.

2. Herb Grinders

Most cannabis lovers own a grinder for one simple reason—it’s much more efficient to grind up your herb than to pick it apart with your fingers. Surprise the stoner in your life with one of our favorite gifts for vapers and smokers alike: a brand-new custom herb grinder featuring an awesome design you know they’ll adore. There are tons of choices from StayLit Design, so you’re only limited to your friends’ preferences!

3. Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are perfect Christmas gifts for stoners, as they’re tools people may not think to buy for themselves. When most stoners are rolling a joint or using their grinder, they tend to use whichever flat surface happens to be handy. There isn’t too much planning involved in the moment. But with a rolling tray, you can avoid the clean-up and the hassle with a tool that’s designed for one purpose: rolling joints! Plus, with so many cool designs to choose from, you can find a personalized rolling tray that perfectly fits your buddy’s aesthetic.

4. Dab Tools

If you’ve noticed your friend has gotten really into dabs lately, purchasing some dab accessories as birthday or Christmas gifts is a wonderful idea! Dabbing is becoming much more mainstream these days, so even if you aren’t super familiar with the practice, you can find tons of premium-quality accessories from StayLit Design that your dabbing friends will appreciate.

5. Carb Caps

Like most dab tools, carb caps are an important part of the dabbing practice. They help trap the heat once the dab is dropped in, and they are crucial for modifying airflow and decreasing wasted product. If you’re in search of a thoughtful, functional gift for the dabber in your life, you can’t go wrong with a custom carb cap. Plus, StayLit Design makes gift-giving easy with tons of cool options to choose from.

6. Apparel

If the stoner in your life already has the latest cannabis accessories and you can’t possibly think of what to get them, we have an answer for you: vape-themed clothing! The apparel collection from StayLit Design is trendy but understated, meaning your stoner buddy can rock hats, Apple watch bands, or t-shirts that are subtle enough for everyday usage. There are even super cute friendship necklaces for you and your best bud to share. Sounds like the perfect gift for vapers to us!

7. Hand Pipes

You can never go wrong with a classic hand pipe. They’re the standard when it comes to lighting up, and it’s important to purchase a high-quality one—not a cheap one you grabbed at your local gas station before rushing over to a party. StayLit Design has a wide variety of premium glassware to choose from, including totally unique designs that will make the perfect gift for the smoker in your life.

8. Bongs

Like hand pipes, bongs are a classic symbol of the cannabis industry. They tend to be larger than your standard pipe, but there are tons of mini options to choose from that can easily be carried around with you from place to place. Bongs are the ultimate Christmas gift for stoners because they tend to be a little pricier than other devices, meaning not everyone owns them. Purchase a super cool one from StayLit Design and you’re guaranteed to blow your stoner friend’s mind.

9. Dab Rigs

Dab rigs may be a little more niche, but the practice of dabbing is certainly on the rise. Purchasing a dab rig as a gift for the stoner in your life is a great choice, as they’re incredibly versatile devices. Most can accommodate dabs and flower, which means they can act as a hand pipe, too. Dab rigs truly make a perfect holiday or Christmas gift for stoners.

10. Vape Pens

Of all the options on this list, vape pens are the most convenient and discreet. StayLit Design offers tons of totally unique vape pens to choose from. Your favorite vaper can stand out from the crowd with a glow in the dark or blinged-out design, while still being able to enjoy their cannabis discreetly—thanks to the slim profile of our vapes. A perfect gift for vapers, you can purchase one of our starter kits in a variety of patterns and designs. It totally depends on what you think your friends would prefer!

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Celebrate with StayLit Design

Choose any gift for vapers or smokers that we’ve compiled and you’re sure to be the life of the party. All of these options are thoughtful, functional, and totally unique, which means you’ll be gaining a bunch of “good friends” points by following our advice. You can’t go wrong with interesting glassware or vape pens, but if you want to be even more impressive, purchase a cool rolling tray that they probably don’t already own. Either way, start your holiday shopping today with StayLit Design!

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