Why Do People Vape? A Quick Guide

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Benefits of Vaping

A lot of people wonder why people vape and what led them to the decision to start vaping. While it’s hard to speak for everyone who vapes and their reasons for doing it, there are quite a few benefits of vaping that encourage people to pick up a pen.

Quit Smoking

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of vaping is that it can help people quit smoking. There are many reasons people choose vaping over smoking, but among them are the ability to change flavors, the reduced smell that comes from vaping, and a more enjoyable experience. You can also completely control the amount of nicotine in your vape, allowing you to wean yourself off of the addiction without having to go cold turkey or use patches.

Reduce Bad Eating Habits

Like with smoking, vaping may also be helpful for people who are trying to quit bad food habits. Since many vape flavors are similar to those found in junk food and desserts, people can use them as a substitute for something that tastes like the real thing — without all the added calories and sugar.

Minimize Anxiety

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While the evidence about reducing anxiety may be disputable, there are many people who find vaping to be a calming experience. The simple act of doing something you find pleasurable, like vaping, may be enough to reduce anxiety. It can be hard for people with anxiety to find something that works for them, but there are many options like vaping that can have a positive impact on anxious thoughts and feelings. Without more study, there isn’t conclusive evidence that this is a proven benefit of vaping, but if it helps you, that’s all that matters.

Social Reasons

Even though vaping with friends isn’t typically a reason for people to start doing it, it can be a reason for them to continue vaping. Many friends like to vape together, learn from each other, and discuss their experiences. There is actually a significant vaping community that makes people feel welcome to participate. People will often come together and set aside a special time to vape with friends, but there are also tons of conventions and events that continue to bring people together.

For Sport

While not exactly a benefit of vaping, another reason that can explain why people vape is that it can actually be a sport. Cloud chasing is becoming increasingly popular and more people are getting involved with this style of sport.

When participating in cloud chasing, vapers use high-powered devices to create clouds in various shapes and sizes. As you watch these events and discover the different types of pens and mods available, you learn a lot about how to make vaping more efficient, powerful, and convenient.

For Medical Purposes

In states where it’s legal, many doctors prefer to prescribe vaping marijuana for a variety of maladies. Doctors may be less reluctant to prescribe medical marijuana in vaping form because it doesn’t have the same toxic carcinogenic effects as smoking through a blunt, bong, or pipe.

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