Why Do People Vape? A Quick Guide

A lot of people wonder why people vape and what led them to the decision to start vaping. While it’s hard to speak for everyone who vapes and their reasons for doing it, there are quite a few reasons people get started with vaping.

Man blows smoke after vaping.

To Quit Smoking

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people start vaping is to quit smoking. There are many reasons people choose vaping over smoking, but among them are the ability to change flavors, the reduced smell that comes from vaping, and a more enjoyable experience. While there are some benefits of vaping that may be up in the air in terms of efficacy, there’s no doubt that vapers don’t carry around the same smoky smell as traditional smokers.

Vaping may also be helpful for people who are trying to quit bad food habits. Since many vape flavors are similar to that found in junk food and desserts, they may use them as a substitute for something that tastes like the real thing.

Reducing Anxiety

While the evidence about reducing anxiety may be disputable, there are many people who find vaping to be a calming experience. Vaping and anxiety may be related and the simple act of doing something you find pleasurable may be enough to reduce anxiety. It can be hard for people with anxiety to find something that works for them, but there are many options like vaping that can have a positive impact on anxious thoughts and feelings. Figuring out why do people vape may have less to do with medical reasons and more to do with a personal feeling about the process.

Social Reasons

Even though vaping with friends isn’t typically a reason for people to start doing it, it can be a reason for them to continue vaping. If you’re wondering why do people vape, it’s important to look at the social aspect of vaping. Many friends like to vape together and it’s something they find enjoyable no matter what they’re doing in other areas of their lives. People will often come together and set aside a special time to vape with friends. Friends may have an impact on why someone starts vaping and why someone may continue to vape.

Another popular reason that can explain why people vape is that it can actually be a sport. Cloud chasing is becoming increasingly popular and more people are getting involved with this style of sport. In it, vapers use high-powered devices to create clouds in various shapes and sizes. The sport is growing in popularity and may be a reason for many people to start vaping in the future.

Man blowing vape smoke.

For Medical Purposes

Even though simply vaping ejuice can have a positive impact on anxiety, there are other ways vaping and anxiety are related. In states where it’s legal, many doctors will prescribe vaping marijuana for a variety of maladies. There are many different uses, but anxiety is one of the most common ones. Doctors may be less reluctant to prescribe medical marijuana in vaping form because it does not have quite the same negative connotations as it does in its raw form.

Still wondering why people vape? This helpful information might be able to provide you with some insight into the vaping world and give you more reasons why people do it.