4 Best Discreet Vapes

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Want to keep your passion for vaping on the DL? It makes sense! You can enjoy your vape sesh without drawing unwanted attention to yourself by checking out these portable vape pens that will help keep your vaping under wraps when discretion is called for. The best discreet vapes allow you to partake in a quick vape sesh while you’re taking a break at work, traveling, or in a group of people that aren’t as interested in the vaping lifestyle.

Using a vape pen that doesn’t call attention to itself can be a respectful way to enjoy what you love without ruffling the feathers of those around you. Never compromise the quality of your vaping experience just because you’re opting for a less noticeable device. Read on to discover the best discreet vapes from StayLit Design!

1. 510 Threaded V-MOD Batteries

A great place to start when exploring the best discreet vapes is the 510 Threaded V-MOD Battery. Cute and compact, the V-MOD can handle both oil and concentrates, making it easy for you to enjoy your passion anywhere without calling unnecessary attention. With a visually appealing style and tons of colors and designs to choose from, V-MOD batteries are a go-to for discreet vaping.

2. Stiiizy Batteries

Meet the Stiiizy. Also compatible with oil and concentrates, this powerful vape pen gives you a big bang for your buck. The newer releases of this battery have made some cool improvements, and though they are larger, we still consider them to be excellent portable vape pens. Beware of the dual airflow mouthpiece causing large smoke clouds, however!

3. 510 Threaded Batteries

Another go-to when we’re talking about the best discreet vapes on the market is the 510 Threaded battery. Featuring a slim, sleek design and tons of muted color options, the 510 will take you where you need to go without causing a scene.

4. PlugPlay Batteries

PlugPlay Batteries are quickly joining the ranks of most popular vapes on the market. No doubt making it to the list of best discreet vapes available, PlugPlay Batteries have a single-button design that is slim, portable, and perfect for fitting in your pocket and using when the time is right. Keep the PlugPlay in mind for your inconspicuous vape sesh!

Discreet Vaping On the Go

Even if you’re not loud and proud about your vaping, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or style. Explore our selection to find high-quality, portable vape pens that allow you to enjoy your next vape sesh conveniently and discreetly. Don’t forget — you can always customize your vapes right here at StayLit Design.

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