The 7 Best Glass Bongs & Pipes for Smoking in Style

the best colorful glass bongs

If you survey a group of smokers to find out the smoking apparatus that they’ve just got to have, the likelihood that they’ll end up answering bong or pipe is pretty great. Not that you would be taking random surveys, but the bottom line is that they’re widely considered to be the staples of the smoke community.

That doesn’t mean you want any bong, though – you want style. Keep reading to discover the 7 best custom-blown glass bongs and pipes to add a little flair to your next smoke.

1. Pretty in Pink

pink custom blown glass bong

Basics have their time and place. But with your bongs and pipes? No way! You want smoking tools that add a little…color. Give your smoking sesh some personality with a pop of pink! The best glass bongs for those that love a pink extravaganza, pink bongs are practically the definition of style. Featuring shades of pink from muted to bold fuchsia, they add some much-needed fun by utilizing pink design favorites like florals and sweet treats. Even if you’re wearing head-to-toe black, you’ll be feeling pretty in pink with these bongs and pipes.

2. Artisan Heady Glass

artisan heady glass bong

Don’t settle for the same bland glass bongs that you could’ve found in anyone’s bong collection. If you’ve been craving something that’s anything but simple, we’ve got just the bong for you. Artisan heady glass bongs are the best glass bongs for smoking in style because they’re true works of art and functional smoking tools, all in one. Each piece possesses a stunning attention to design and creativity, giving you a one-of-a-kind bong that has you repping your style with each smoke.

These custom-blown glass bongs have been created by the country’s most talented glassblowers to bring you striking designs that are begging to be put on display. Not quite sold on their style yet? Imagine bold, punchy colors and an attention to detail you didn’t think was possible with a bong. You’ll be bragging about this baby off to anyone that’ll listen.

3. Flower Power

dried floral water pipe/bong

Many prints have gone in and out of style over the decades, but not florals! There’s just something about the colors and versatility of flowers that have made it the joyous go-to print we just can’t get enough of. Why not bring some of that happy style into your smoke sesh with a cute dried floral glass bong? With a variety of different flowers in every color of the rainbow, these are the best glass bongs to make you feel like the epitome of a ‘60s flower child. Handblown using high-quality glass, these exclusively-designed bongs add actual dried florals. No more worrying about your beautiful flowers wilting away!

4. Embrace the Weird

alien abduction glass hand pipe

We all have different styles – embrace it! You march to the beat of your own drum and need a pipe or glass bong that best matches the quirkiness that makes you, you. Lean into the weird, the unknown, and all of your otherworldly dreams with bongs that are designed perfectly for your alien-loving heart. Space bongs and pipes give you everything you need to launch into a smoke sesh in style. Don’t forget the custom accessories to match!

5. Fortune Favors the Bold

strawberry glass hand pipe

You don’t want an average bong, so why would you get an average pipe? The correct answer is you wouldn’t! Vibrant colors, fun prints, and wacky designs make your smoke experience more fun than ever! Like the best glass bongs, the best glass hand pipes are the ones that celebrate your own unique style and personality. There’s something for everyone, too. Fruits, florals, food, animals – it’s like a crazy-fun mashup of all of your favorites in one collection. It may be difficult to believe, but each of these pieces of art are 100% functional. Who says pipes can’t be stylish?

6. The Bigger the Better

best big glass bong

They say bigger isn’t always better, but honestly, sometimes it is. Take one look at our large bongs, and you’ll understand why! They’re just like our other glass bongs for sale, crafted with durable and high-quality glass that’s built to last. Only difference is that they’re a tad bit bigger to give you more of our artistic designs to love! From wild prints to whimsical florals, these custom-blown glass bongs give you one-of-a-kind styles, colors, and designs made to match your vibe. Make a statement and show off your killer style with the biggest and the best glass bongs a smoker can find.

7. Take a Walk on the Wild Side

leopard print glass hand pipe

From rocking folders and notebooks with cute animated animals to leveling up with animal print apparel, our little furry friends are the ultimate aesthetic for all ages. Let your wild side out to play with a custom-blown glass bong featuring your favorite animals large and small. With all of the different animals to discover, our collection of animal-themed glass bongs and pipes is like having the zoo or wilderness at your fingertips!

Make an adorable statement with a sassy animal print pipe, hang with a fuzzy friend, or even marvel at massive safari animals in mini form. They’re the best glass bongs for adding a little free-spirited fun to your smoking experience or giving to an animal-loving friend!

Function and Style Combined

live colorfully neon sign

Wanting a quality smoke experience or bong doesn’t automatically mean that you have to put style on the backburner. StayLit Design has specifically curated collections of custom bongs, pipes, dab rigs, vape skins, and more that have been designed to seamlessly combine functionality and style. From our hand-wrapped vape pens made in-house to our hand-blown glass bongs, you get to show off your personality in complete and utter style.

Explore our unique selection today to find the best glass bong for your next smoke session! Enjoy a free gift on your order of $75 or more!

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