A Guide to The Different Types of Vapes

Welcome to the wide world of vaping! With so many different types of vape systems and types of vape devices on the market, it’s sometimes hard to know which is the best for you.

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of vapes and look at some comparisons to see which vapes fit your lifestyle. We’ll go over vape pens, pods, and mods, so you can be sure you’re selecting the best type of vape devices on today’s market.

Vape Pens

One of the most popular choices when it comes to vaping devices is the vape pen. Its name refers to its shape and size — the vape pen is similar to an inkpen and can fit in your pocket.

There are a wide range of different types of vape pens on the market. The 510 thread battery is one of the most popular vape pen choices. Its universal design allows components to be easily interchanged, and the cylindrical pen uses an atomizer coil to produce smoke from vape liquid. Our favorite vape starter kits work with glass tank cartridges that store vaporizer e-liquids.

Leopard print vape pen

Benefits of Using Vape Pens

Vape pens can produce large clouds of smoke due to their large battery size. Many users prefer the vape pen over other options due to their traditional size and shape. With one-button operations, the 510 series is great for beginners and experienced vapers alike, as they are reliable and easy to operate.

Vape Pods

The next most popular vape device on the market is the vape pod. The pod name refers to the shape of the e-liquid container that pod devices use — they are rectangular-shaped plastic storage containers. Pod systems are the best options for beginners.

Our favorite type of vape device are pod systems that are customizable, used with interchangeable e-liquid pods, and provide a low wattage output.

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Benefits of Using Vape Pods

Vape pods are great for beginners, as they don’t have any complicated operation instructions. Pods are made for simple smoke production with inhalation — puff and play. Pod e-liquid flavors are plentiful and easy to source and install. Pods are also small in size and super portable.

Drawbacks of Using Vape Pods

The biggest drawback in using vape pods comes with the atomizer coils. Most pods don’t allow for the installation of replacement coils. When a coil needs replacement with a pod, the entire pod should be replaced which is on average more expensive than a coil. This device is still the most recommended choice amongst different types of vapes for beginners in vaping.

Pod Mods

The next most popular type of vape device on the market is the vape pod mod. These devices are bigger than both vape pens and vape pods and are a little bulky, since they are shaped like small boxes. They will fit in a pants pocket, but their large size makes them more well-suited to a cargo pocket, jacket pocket, or a bag.

The pod mod is a modified vape pod with a larger e-liquid storage, as well as a larger battery. The larger battery size simply means more power and more smoke.

Rectangular box pod mod vape device with a purple and pink swirl background with planets and starts

Benefits of Using Pod Mods

Many experienced vapers opt for the pod mod. They have advanced features that include custom power options and temperature limitation that are perks for experienced vapers who want a customizable vape device.

Pod mods give the biggest smoke puffs and the boldest flavors with their high power inhalation options. The larger battery means longer lasting vaping between charges. They are the most customizable type of vape device and are highly sought after.

Drawbacks of Using Pod Mods

Pod mods are the most expensive type of vape devices based on their larger battery size. They offer a direct to lung vape which is not the goal of all vapers.

Pod mods are complicated. Not all vapers are interested in learning to navigate an entire menu of customizations.

Find the Perfect Vape For You

The market for different types of vape devices has grown exponentially over the past few years. Whatever type of vaper you are, there is a perfect device for you. When you are looking for simplicity, go for the vape pod. When you are looking for some customizations, opt for the vape pen. If you want the most smoke and most customizations, the clear winner is a pod mod.

We hope you have some more helpful tips on how to select a great vape device that fits your unique lifestyle. We have worked to customize all of our vape pens, pods, and pod mods to make your vaping experience exciting and fun! Reach out and contact us if you want to create a custom vape device! StayLit Design is your go-to site for unique, custom vape devices.

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