Smoke Weed Everday Stash Jar
Smoke Weed Everday Stash Jar

Smoke Weed Everday Stash Jar

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Smoke Weed Everday Stash Jar
Introducing our utterly adorable 420 Nug Stash Jar, the epitome of charm and functionality for all your girly treasures! Embellished with whimsical charms, this jar adds a playful touch to any collection. Featuring a silicone seal and bamboo lid, it ensures your stash stays fresh and secure while promoting eco-conscious practices. Whether you're storing your favorite buds, trinkets, or secret notes, this jar is as practical as it is enchanting. Embrace the magic of 420 and add a sprinkle of girly glamour to your stash with our 420 Nug Stash Jar - because every treasure deserves a touch of charm!

-Made in Los Angeles California
-3.5in In Length
-2.5in In Circumference
-Bamboo Lid With Silicone Seal
-Food Grade Glass
-Lid Is Hand Embellished With Charms
Located in Los Angeles, California

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