510 Threaded Black White Diamond Vape Pen
510 Threaded Black White Diamond Vape Pen
510 Threaded Black White Diamond Vape Pen
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510 Threaded Black White Diamond Vape Pen

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Our Slim Vape Pen Delivers Class and Elegance

Inhale in class and style with this luxurious vape pen from StayLit Design. Our custom black and white diamond vape pen offers an elegant twist on your everyday vape session. Enhance your vaping experience with the luxe look of diamonds.

Main Features:

  • 510 thread
  • 350mAh battery capacity
  • Turn on or off by pressing the button 5 times
  • Press button 3 times to adjust voltage
  • Press button 2 times to preheat and 1 more time to stop preheat
  • Press button 1 time to see battery level
  • Voltage: 2.6v (green), 3.3v (blue), 4.2v (red)
  • Battery Level: full (green), medium (orange), low (red)
  • Dimensions: 3.5 inches in length, .5 inches in diameter
  • Package Contents: 1x variable voltage 510 battery, 1x USB charger

Slender Design that Packs a Punch

This stylishly slim vape pen allows you to show off your style while staying lit! Variable voltage settings allow you to customize your experience to suit your personal needs and preferences, controlling exactly how much vapor you can handle. Whether you’re taking your time or going for big, strong hits, this vape pen gives you complete authority.

Our slim vape pen is powerful, so don’t be fooled by its slender design. This vape pen comes with a 350mAh built-in Lithium battery that will last throughout the day. With 3 voltage presets to choose from, you can easily find the sweet spot for different tanks and cartridges.

Take Your Vape Sesh to the Next Level

At StayLit Design, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of custom vape pens, glass pipes, and smoking accessories. Questions or concerns? Please feel free to reach out to our team here!

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