510 Threaded Battery White Grey Marble Vape Pen
510 Threaded Battery White Grey Marble Vape Pen
510 Threaded Battery White Grey Marble Vape Pen
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510 Threaded Battery White Grey Marble Vape Pen

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This marble vape pen exudes class. The grey and white marble pattern is so elegant, and you can be sure that you’ll be the only person at the party rocking one. Beyond its dashing good looks, this pen packs the performance experienced vapers expect. The variable voltage settings allow you to customize your hit so you can find the sweetest sweet spots with different cartridges and tanks, and the lithium battery will keep you going all day long.

Compact Yet Powerful

Don’t be fooled by its slim size—this marble vape pen packs a punch. The 350mAh battery delivers consistent hits, and you can tweak the voltage as needed to hone in on the perfect hit. It features 510 threading, so it’s compatible with nearly every cartridge or tank on the market (not included). Here are the details:

Main Features:

  • Button Pen - Press button for on/off, preheat and volt adjustment.
  • On/Off - Press button 5 times for on/off.
  • Variable Voltage - Press button 3 times to adjust volt: 2.6v white, 3.2v green, 3.8v red.
  • Preheat Function - Press button 2 times to preheat. Press button 1 time to stop preheat.
  • Battery Level Indicator - Press button to see battery level: Green Full; Orange Med; Red Low
  • Click the marble vape pen’s fire button 3 times to scroll through 3 voltage settings:
  • White=2.6V
  • Green=3.2V
  • Red=3.8V


  • 510 thread
  • Length 3.5in
  • Diameter .5in
  • Working Volt 2.6v~4.2v
  • Battery Capacity 350mah

Add Some Style to Your Vape Sessions

We make vapes that people love. If you’re the type of person who’s proud to flaunt your unique style, you’re going to be absolutely delighted with our vape pens. We have plenty of other 510 threaded batteries available, so go ahead and have a look around. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Elevate how you vape with this classy marble vape pen from StayLit Design!

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