Cute Frog Stash Jar
Cute Frog Stash Jar

Cute Frog Stash Jar

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Cute Frog Stash Jar
Introducing our charming Frog Stash Jar, the perfect blend of whimsy and practicality for all your girly treasures! Adorned with delightful charms, this jar adds a playful touch to any collection. With its silicone seal and bamboo lid, it ensures your goodies stay fresh and secure while promoting eco-friendly practices. Whether you're storing your favorite candies, trinkets, or secret notes, this jar is as functional as it is adorable. Embrace the enchantment of frogs and add a splash of girly glamour to your stash with our Frog Stash Jar - because every treasure deserves a touch of charm!

-Made in Los Angeles California
-3.5in In Length
-2.5in In Circumference
-Bamboo Lid With Silicone Seal
-Food Grade Glass
-Lid Is Hand Embellished With Charms
Located in Los Angeles, California

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